13 October 2015


That's right, I'm talking to you.

...especially those of you presently at Rome/Vatican City.

If you are interested in reliable and objective commentary/analysis as to what the Canadian bishop-delegates and their representatives (i.e. sycophants) are thinking and doing as regards the "Synod on the Family", please be advised that any written, audio and/or video product (online or hardcopy) issuing from the following so-called "official" Catholic media outlets here in Canada have been severely compromised for years/decades, and are therefore not to be trusted.

This advisory is presented in dense, bullet point form.
  • Salt+Light Catholic Media Foundation. This multimedia operation is under dictatorial control of neo-Modernist thug Fr. Thomas Rosica, well known to those who follow the news in Rome, especially since he attempted to sue (and hence silence) a Traditional Canadian Catholic blogger earlier this year (see here). He likes to put on a happy face for the cameras, but as most of you probably already know by now, Rosica is a Wolf in Fuzzy Slippers. Of course, Father has been named by the Holy See as attaché for English-speaking Media during the Synod, and started causing a ruckus from the get-go (example). He has his finger in every pie throughout the Canadian Catholic landscape - knows all the bishops and schmoozes them up, newspaper columns, university positions, celebrity galas, politician hobnobbing, lecture circuit, mainstream news interviews, you name it. Goodness, he has even conducted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! He's everywhere! He's awesome! He's relentless. The Salt+Light Foundation is largely financed by Toronto's wealthy Gagliano family, owner of St. Joseph Communications, of which its CEO, Tony Gagliano, is Chair on the S+L Board of Directors. SJC is also publisher of Quill & Quire, a book news/reviews magazine. Here is a recent article title from that magazine: "80 years of Q&Q: notable titles, from cookbooks to LGBT classics". Methinks St. Joseph would not approve, and it is blasphemy that the name of our Blessed Lord's chaste, foster father be associated with such sodomitical-inspired abominations. Also on the Board of Directors of S+L is John Foresi, CEO of the real estate firm Venterra Realty. "Venterra is proud to be a supporter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!" (see here), the latter itself a financial contributor to the abortion mill complex known as Planned Parenthood. Note well: S+L is a media tool wielded behind the scenes by the homo-apostatic Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) to maintain the Modernist party line, of which Rosica is its public mouthpiece, such as at annual plenaries. Routinely, he is dispatched to do damage control whenever some heretically-actuated controversy arises here in the Great White North (example). What you are now hearing him say at press conferences - the verbal manoeuvres, insinuations, circumlocutions, ambiguities, pro-homo undertones in terminology, his suspect faithfulness to timeless Catholic truths - he has effectively been doing here in Canada for years. Rosica has been a "yes man" for the Canadian bishops since the mid-1980s when still a seminarian (see here). Digital products and broadcasts by S+L can be classified as smiley-face-Catholic-lite, with a strong skew to the Left. It is also important to emphasize that Rosica maintains intimate ties (too intimate, one surmises) with liberal Vaticanista John Allen, Jr. at Crux magazine, part of the Boston Globe newspaper. Formerly, Allen was a scribbler for the unabashedly heretical National Catholic Reporter. So slick is Allen that even the poor Fr. Zuhlsdorf thinks he is "fair minded", failing to recognize that this snake in the grass presents Vatican affairs with a dangerous leftist undercurrent, unable to spot Allen's "strategy for legitimizing Catholic dissent" (source). The now famous phrase "Taliban Catholics", popularized by Fr. Rosica to cast tradition-minded Catholics as fanatical nut jobs to be ignored in so-called sensible Catholic conversation, originated with his favoured male companion, namely Mr. Allen. Fr. Rosica/Salt+Light  has been widely covered at this blog. A series of links directing to these posts can be found here.
  • Catholic Register. Calling itself "Canada's Catholic newspaper", it is based out of the Toronto Archdiocese. In actuality, it is the homo-apostatic CCCB that really pulls the strings at the Catholic Register. Still, along with his grovelling chancery office entourage - CR is also under the purview of Cardinal/Archbishop Thomas Collins, one of four bishop-delegates to the Synod from Canada (Collins is a poseur of Catholic orthodoxy, to be addressed in another post). Since especially the editorship of Joseph Sinasac (see also below), for years CR has been at the forefront of encouraging heresy. Not in an explicit manner, but connivingly, yet still posing itself as an authentically Catholic newspaper devoted to the Magisterium. Flipping through pages of reports, op-eds, columns and advertisements in any issue of the Catholic Register, a confusion emerges because contradictions and mixed signals are noticed immediately. A single statement in St. Pope Pius X's encyclical on Modernism precisely characterizes the preternatural spirit that permeates the Catholic Register: "...in their books you find some things which might well be expressed by a Catholic, but in the next page you find other things which might have been dictated by a rationalist". Now the main person to caution international readers about is CR's most prominent journalist, namely Michael Swan, Associate Editor, also President of the Canadian Church Press. In his earlier days as a CR writer, before ascending the rungs, Swan regularly maligned tradition-minded Catholics, misinforming and disinforming about Catholicism in general. Given his greater status presently, these days his reports are more guarded in his evident disdain for the pre-Conciliar Church, although he slips up occasionally (example). However - in both phraseology and in selection of personalities to interview - there is undoubtedly a Modernist/Leftist bias. Not what he writes about so much, as what he does not write about. Not who he interviews or reports on per se, but who he does not interview or report upon. Sins by omission galore! Yet there is less confusion when it comes to Swan's position on sodomy. We have an echo of this from 2006, when he reviewed the highly controversial film Brokeback Mountain, a Hollywood glorification of two sodomizing cowboy perverts. Swan remarked: "It's no accident that the first half of Brokeback Mountain is filled with lush Christian imagery which recalls Jesus the good shepherd" (source). No, that was not a misquote. Given the obsession by Synod participants for altering the Catholic Church's teaching on sodomitical behaviour and that, correlatively, the Vatican is currently populated by a considerable number of faggots, any coverage of the Synod by the Catholic Register will in all likelihood exhibit a homophile tone. Nota bene: such reportage will attempt to mask itself as "neutral".
  • Prairie Messenger. Once called St. Peter's Messenger, this purported "Catholic Journal" claims to be the "official Catholic newspaper for western Canada", having regular contributions from the Winnipeg Archdiocese chancery. The radicalism that you read in its pages today - hardly any vestige of Catholicism in it - is mainly attributable to the legacy of PM's editor during the period of 1983 to 2004. We mean, of course, the defiant, hyper-leftist, anti-authoritarian, bratty, adolescent-minded abbot Andrew Britz, OSB, around whom a bizarre personality cult seems to have developed, continuing after his death. When Britz is showered with accolades by the likes of Marxist ex-priest Greg Baum, ex-nun Mary Jo Leddy, even by Polyesterus Maximus herself, namely Sr. Joan Chittister, then you definitely know there is something very, very wrong here. Britz professed his vows as a Benedictine monk in 1960. He later obtained a doctorate at the University of Toronto, yet earlier - and interestingly - he was first trained in theology/philosophy at St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. For decades St. John's been a haven for Modernists but, more disturbingly, this abbey is renowned for myriad reports of sexual abuse. We're talking homo-pederast central. Since the 1930s, 52 monks and 31 others associated with St. John's have been accused of sexual misconduct (source, see also here). Thus, it should be wondered if and/or how this poisonous and perverted atmosphere at St. John's coloured Britz's radicalism, like in the way he steadfastly challenged the Church's teaching against sodomy. His stance on how trustworthy a Catholic newspaper is stems "not from carrying only stories that are orthodox, but from... it's willingness to carry stories not supportive of its own editorial thrust... Readers of the Catholic press must come to accept this" (Truth to Power, p. 12). Do you see the brow beating? The rigid absolutism? The self-projection of his defiance? You "must" accept views "not supportive" (i.e. heresy) of the Catholic Church. And, indeed, this has ever been the case at Prairie Messenger. Britz was a fan boy of sodomite Cardinal Joseph Bernadin's "seamless garment" scheme, where subjects such as lacklustre immigration policies, anthropogenic pollution, the non-availability of bottled water, or a dearth of office supplies at the chancery, are categorized to be "evils" on par with abortion, and other subjects broaching sexual morality (never probed in detail by liberal Catholics, mostly ignored, silence). The "intense fixation on the 'illicitness' of contraception", he wrote, is one of the "unpleasant things happening in the Church" (ibid.). That is: (insert index fingers in ears) I don't want to hear about it, la la la la la la, when is the next protest rally to commence against those running-dog capitalist pigs?, or something like that. Resonating with Britz's decree on the acceptance positions "not supportive" of Catholicism, we see links at PM for Amnesty International (pro-abortion, here); the Steven Lewis Foundation (attacks on Pope Benedict, re: contraception); freak show New Ager Fr. Richard Rohr ("known for his 'Wild Man Retreats' where men sometimes take their clothes off and touch each other in certain parts of their bodies - to release the demons", source); the influential and now dead American heretic Fr. Richard McBrien including, of course, his compatriots at the National Catholic Reporter. These links clearly are endorsements, rather than mere acquiescence, to exclusion of orthodox Catholic links. Like an obedient dog, Peter Novecosky, PM's editor after Britz, maintained the same radicalist line. He used to do sneaky things like, for instance, publishing a piece by Jocelyn Rait, member of Canada's Catholic Network for Women's Equality. CNWE are a bunch of man-hating broads, disgruntled, neurotic,  who have campaigned for female ordination since the 1980s: "the issue of women's equality in the Roman Catholic Church will not be cooling down any time soon". Whatever, honey - but I now see that the link to your article has been scrubbed. PM's current editor, Maureen Weber, is a real piece of work. Recently, she published a pro-abortion opinion piece by journalist demagogue Michael Coren. Coren apostasized last year because he seems to think that it is a form of "love" warranting "marriage" when a guy desires to stick his erect wart-covered dick up another guys fecal-encrusted anus, or when a guy ejaculates semen into another guys mouth. The Catholic Church has been wrong for 2000 years, he effectively laments, and to hell with Natural Law. Anyway, Coren's pro-abortion article was entitled "Seamless Garment", of course. He was eventually dropped as writer for PM, but his article remains online. Along similar lines, PM recently rejected to run ads for federal pro-life politicians, as did the Catholic Register (refused specifically by publisher/editor Jim O'Leary, hand-picked by Cardinal Collins). Weber was asked why PM was not going to publish the advertisement. Her answer: "I just don't like the ad. I'm not going to run it". Does the international reader see the wickedness of these people? So nonchalant. That kind of reaction is not an anomaly here in Catholic Canada, it is the norm. The Prairie Messenger really is a foul, nasty place. Toxic. Stay away. If you must visit, put on a gas mask.
  • Western Catholic Reporter. The editor at WCR is Glen Argan. By my accounting, he is a male feminist with a soft spot for sodomites and a contempt for the pre-Conciliar Church: "ossified Catholicism... had been rejected" at the Council. As such, this flavours most the stuff you read at WCR. Generally, left-socialist, pagan positive, regular installments of Ron Rolheiser's emo-girly-man crap, with a candy-coated "spirit of Vatican II" covering trying to give everything an authentic Catholic glow. Some examples: Argan very much admires Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, one of those typical habitless hussies outfitted in lime green pant suits with misapplied make-up that advance women's ordination, goddess worship, a one-world government, and so forth (see here). You know the drill. However, what makes Johnson's heretical constructs a little too disconcerting for some is that she unambiguously feminizes the Holy Trinity: "the time has come to stop addressing God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and to begin addressing Him as 'She Who Is.'". In an approving article entitled "A feminist perception of the Spirit", it is as if Argan is in a kind of noospheric ecstasy as he writes about Johnson's "1992 feminist treatise on the nature of God, She Who Is... The Protestant tradition has tended to privatize the Holy Spirit, the Catholic tradition to institutionalize her". What is not underscored is that even some normally heresy-blind bishops judged Johnson's 2007 book Quest for the Living God to overstep the mark, so much that they urged it not be used in Catholic schools and universities (source). Argan also has a hankering for those fossilizing, cigar-chomping lesbians that constitute the Leadership of Catholic Women Religious (LCWR) in the United States. Under Pope Benedict, if you recall, they came under investigation for pretty well every heresy advocated since Nestorius. Argan became rather upset by this, with those self-righteous do-gooders at the CDF. Her His response: "One may well ask why the CDF decided to investigate the LCWR at all. Was it a case of frightened men determined to oppress Spirit-inspired women who prophetically challenge male power? If that is the case, the Catholic Church is in dire trouble and those who want to follow Jesus might well consider going elsewhere". Ah, yes, the metrosexual sensitivity of today's all too common emasculated man displaying his undying solidarity with the sistas. He must be quite enthralled now that Francis has basically annulled due penalties from the Apostolic Visitation, again unleashing these beer-swilling dykes so they can ride buses around the American Heartland and corrupt even more poor souls. Argan was also supportive of prominent author Ann Rice after she apostasized because of the Church's stringent position on sodomy (well, at least until before the Synod). Rice's son is a sodomite. Sympathizing with Rice, Argan states: "for some who have a genuine allegiance to the Christian faith this public image of intolerance and ignorance has become increasingly hard to bear"... these politically correct melodramatics go on and on. Lastly, it should be noted that WCR is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, at the same address of the chancery for the Edmonton Archdiocese. Head honcho there is Archbishop Richard Smith, another bishop-delegate from Canada at the ongoing Synod. Given that both are based at the same locale, a convenient news filter set-up exists. Argan's office is but a hop, skip and jump away. Why, also, Smith permits Argan and company to publish the stuff they do without apparent censuring, as in the abovementioned, perhaps yields a hint as to what Smith's real positions are on the family and depraved sexual behaviour.
  • BC Catholic. Seems to be stuck in the Wojtyla era. Crazy about NFP, very enthusiastic about the Protestant-originating Charismatic Movement. No problem with that creepy, awkward "Theology of the Body" stuff and its principal Manichean huckster, Christopher West: "That yearning, that burning, that hunger we feel is really and truly a desire for God". Videos by Fr. Robert "von Balthasar" Barron. Standard fare: direct video link to Salt+Light TV, CNS news feed. Think Sgt. Schultz on Hogan's Heroes: "Iz don't know nutting... nuuttinnngggg". Cotton candy, popcorn and soda pop. Head in the sand, harmless, shallow, smiles everyone, happy clappy. Has Sports Section.
  • Island Catholic News. A British Columbia based hyper-progressive outlet feigning Catholicity and failing at it - growing increasingly obscure, admittedly, but still one of note in that it resides in the Diocese of Victoria, once "known as the most radical and avant garde in Canada" (source). Also, because of its evil neo-Modernist bishop Remi de Roo, Canada's longest serving prelate (1962-1999), and probably one of its most destructive, who stated that ICN "was founded and served as a vehicle to educate people about the Council". Remi was a player in the pro-contraception "Winnipeg Statement", is a lover of New Age esoterica (e.g. he is an Enneagram teacher), plus he advocates for married priests and the ordination of women. These days, de Roo has been lecturing at university conferences with his excommunicated buddy Gregory Baum, an ex-priest formerly "married" to an ex-nun - like at St. Paul's University in Ottawa (home for all kinds of academic heretics), a Pontifical university, no less. Or, de Roo is "presiding" over puppet "masses", with the customary faggot liturgical dancers twirling away amongst the gray-haired "assembly" (watch here and enjoy).
  • Novalis Publishers. This publishing house, allegedly "Canada's premier publisher of religious books, resources and periodicals", is headed by Joseph Sinasac, a quiet, behind-the-scenes enabler and endorser of dissenters, also former editor of the Catholic Register. Novalis is notorious for publishing and promoting books by heretics and apostates, be they Canadian or not. Some of them include: the aforementioned Gregory Baum (principal player in drafting, convincing Canadian bishops to issue the "Winnipeg Statement", pro-liberation theology, endorses homo "marriage"), Hans Kung (no introduction needed), Joan Chittister (a "wicked nun", said Fr. Paul Marx, HLI founder), Ron Rolheiser (neverendingly sublimating his effeminate libido), Henri Nouwen (homo priest, associated with sodomite Cardinal Joseph Bernadin, poster boy for so-called homosexual victimhood/martyrdom, e.g. "a wounded prophet"), the aforementioned bishop Remi de Roo (also infamous for bankrupting his diocese by spending millions of dollars on a failed real estate deal involving Arabian horses), and former Canadian bishop Raymond Lahey (an unrepentant sodomite, convicted a few years ago by Canadian authorities for possession of child pornography). Lahey (once an advisor on liturgy) also published articles in Novalis' faggoty-named liturgical magazine Celebrate! during the editorship of Bernadette Gasslein. Gasslein, an aging babyboomer liberal "liturgist" (you know the type), has contributed significantly to the cornball irreverence and liturgical abuse commonly seen at Novus Ordo Masses at parishes throughout Canada. Novalis also publishes/distributes Marxist screeds, like James H. Cone's A Black Theology of Liberation (its "40th anniversary edition", no less). Let alone Novalis' cheezy, exceedingly vulgar, missals for Canadian parishes. More information about this iniquitous publishing house can be found here.
  • Cardus/Convivium Magazine. Not so much a Catholic outlet, but specifically a small-c Neo-Catholic/inter-denominational collaboration of effete navel gazers. Meaning, the views it publishes are infested with the heresy of Americanism, definitely reeking with the residue of Fr. John Courtney Murray - the Jesuit who, with the consent of Cardinal Spellman, reintroduced Americanism at Vatican II (Americanism seeks to prove an essential congruence between American culture and Catholicism, cf. Pope Leo XIII's encyclical here). Cardus/CM is headed by two persons: Peter Stockland and Fr. Raymond de Sousa. The former is an influential newspaper man, has the right political connections, and could fairly be described as the "money man" behind the operation. Stockland discloses that he "cannot abide bishop bashing. The habit in some Catholic circles of remorselessly denouncing and denigrating our prelates... sets my teeth on edge" (i.e. shut up!, you idiotic and unworthy Catholics on social media). Thus he is protective of the Canadian bishops, a gatekeeper of sorts, maintainer of the status quo. The latter is a student of the Neuhaus School of Americanism. That is, of the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (a Canadian Lutheran convert), founder/editor of the influential First Things magazine, where you can find some of Fr. de Sousa's writings. He also gave the eulogy at Fr. Neuhaus' funeral, whereat he spoke: "Convivium is what Fr. Richard created over his whole life" - hence the direct influence. FT is based in Manhattan, New York, homebase for the Neo-Catholic bon vivant elite (FT, incidentally, just fired Maureen Mularkey for writing articles critical of Pope Francis). Both Stockland and Fr. de Sousa have regular columns in Canadian secular national newspapers (e.g. National Post). Accordingly, as "conservative" Catholics, they have achieved a nice, comfortable, but innocuous balance between what the Post-Conciliar Church advocates versus what is tolerable/acceptable to the antinomian secular world. The homo-apostatic Canadian bishops could not have better high-profile friends than Stockland and Fr. de Sousa (both also columnists at the Catholic Register), because they endeavour at intimating them to be - in the main -  loyal, orthodox, unerring shepherds, when in actuality the inverse is the case. These two are "company men" to a T. Prestige, respectability and influence are first on the docket, whereas the Faith is deprioritized and euphemized, particularly those exacting dogmatic and historical truths considered unsavoury by their secular/non-Catholic cohorts, of whom they secretly wish to please and to belong. At the Convivium website we read: "Led by two of Canada's top religious voices - Peter Stockland and Father Raymond J. de Souza - the Convivium Project stands alone in the print world, engaging Canadians who take faith seriously". Well, they certainly like themselves, so humble, just like Francis. This self-congratulatory smugness speaks for itself. But notice: "religious voices", not specifically Catholic voices; "take faith seriously", not specifically take the Faith seriously. Stockland and Fr. de Sousa can talk all they want about the "cooperation of church and state" (ducking from the "separation of church and state" label, which properly characterizes the Americanism undergirding their endeavour), but it makes no difference. After all, the Cardus/Convivium Project is merely a Canadianized copycat version of Fr. Neuhaus' Institute of Religion and Public Life. For unless the Social Reign of Christ the King is acknowledged and sought after (rejected since Vatican II), unless Catholicism is proclaimed as the One True Faith for all, for humanity, and that all others are false, for unless the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary is duly honoured, the Most Holy Mother of God, the Stockland-de Sousa "small-c catholic" project is doomed to failure. Really, it was doomed from the beginning, as was Fr. Neuhaus' experiment to incorporate into society the quasi-utopian Americanism of his hero Fr. John Courtney Murray. Look at Amerika today. The U.S. is not "slouching towards Gomorrah", as Judge Bork said - it's screaming towards it, nearly at ground zero. It's a dead end, boys.
Some of the aforelisted outlets form a media cooperative, namely the Canadian Catholic News (CCN). Accordingly, reports/opinion pieces of one journalist will often simultaneously appear in one or more of the remainder. Related to this, a revolving door mechanism exists to accommodate changes in employment positions of these Professional Catholics over the course of time. For a while someone will be an editor at a diocesan newspaper, afterward becoming the boss at a "Catholic" publishing house. An opinion columnist here, then a report writer for the CCCB there. A faith "facilitator" for the chancery here, then a speaking engagement there. Added bonuses include various major awards regularly conferred upon them, to affirm mediocrity, to condone heresy with a wink and a nudge, to give a false sense of purpose, or to bolster self-importance (example). The same names and the same messages keep popping up where ever you go. Moreover, their respective websites will link to one another, provide advertisements for the right organizations, and so forth. For instance, the Catholic Register provides videos direct from Salt+Light, posts advertisements for the CCCB's clandestinely pro-abort Development+Peace organization (currently, "Create a Climate of Change" program), including CNS news feeds from the bishop-controlled, leftist USCCB, etc. This insular, incestuous, bureaucratic, self-referential set-up is sometimes called the "Magic Circle". As such, this totalitarian-tending collaboration helps to sustain the Modernist/Leftist narrative from coast to coast, to the detriment of ordinary Catholics, obviously.

All is not lost, however, dear international reader. Do not despair. If you wish to get accurate and objective commentary/analysis of the Synod and its Canadian participants, then please hop on over to the Canadian-based LifeSite News. Use the search box, enter therein some names of Canadian bishops, clerics, nuns, laymen, and from the LSN archives you will uncover a cornucopia of apostatic delights in reams of reports. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you check out any articles by Steve Jalsevac, LSN's Co-Founder/Managing Director. He has his finger on the pulse of the inner workings of the Catholic Church in Canada, on how the Canadian bishops have for years worked to deliberately undermine the Faith, especially those aspects involving life issues and sexual morality. Two recent letters addressed to Vox Cantoris - the blogger threatened with a lawsuit by Fr. Rosica - highlights Mr. Jalsevac's shocking insider knowledge. Read here and here.

It is also essential to remind international readers that, while the homo-apostatic CCCB has quite friendly relations and interactions with the abovelisted "official" Canadian Catholic media outfits, CCCB personnel and the Canadian bishops in general vehemently loathe LifeSite News. Why? Over the years, LSN's diligent reporting has repeatedly exposed the anti-life, anti-Catholic activities of enemies operating within Catholic institutions throughout Canada. About five years ago, matters went nuclear when LSN uncovered incontrovertible evidence that Development+Peace, the "social justice" arm of the CCCB, was funding internationally-based groups that promoted abortion and contraception. Case in point to demonstrate the enmity: John-Henry Westen, LSN's Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief, was barred from attending the 2011 CCCB Plenary as a member of the press. Westen was not notified of the ban until he had driven many hours to get to Cornwall, Ontario, the location of the plenary that year. At the time of this incident, the aforementioned Archbishop Richard Smith, currently in Rome as a Canadian bishop-delegate for the Synod, was part of the CCCB's Executive Membership, in the role of Vice President. At this same plenary (in 2011), Smith was elected to be CCCB President for a two-year term starting in 2012. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to conclude that Smith has no problem whatsoever with the bullying, press-banning, secrecy, censorship, closed-door sessions currently happening at the Synod.

Indeed, Archbishop Smith and the Wolf in Fuzzy Slippers must be having a ball! Spin that ball, baby! It's a party! A #RosicaBlockParty !!!

This blogger further invites international readers to explore the list of articles at this site via the "The Canadian Files" link (see top right on menu bar). Four posts recommended are Ominous Signs, Muffins Galore!, The Magic Circle, and Homoheresy Inside CanChurch (Parts 1 and 2). They are rather lengthy, dense, blunt, episodically bombastic, but perhaps you will discover a revelatory tidbit or two to gain a better perspective on the degree to which wicked homo-apostatic bishops and their traitorous heretic underlings have utterly betrayed Canadian Catholics over the last five decades.

Thus ends our carpet bombing run.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a nice day.