21 February 2015


Once upon a time after Vatican II, bishops, priests and their lackeys in the "official" Catholic media remained silent when the Faithful were attacked by the wolves, sometimes unknowingly facilitating the actions of these wolves, oftentimes covertly supporting these wolves. Now, five decades on, several of these clerics have become full-blown wolves themselves, openly and unashamedly attacking the Faithful, calling that which is good "evil", and transmogrifying that which is evil into "good"...

For Canadian Catholic bloggers, a good proportion of them tending toward orthodoxy and who regularly monitor the deplorable state of widespread apostasy in this nation's Establishment Church, it is common knowledge that Father Thomas Rosica is a power hungry Modernist. The public face is one of a humble and hard-working orthodox cleric, but outbursts and vilifications in response to articles on the internet from Traditionally-minded Catholics betray a hard and fast Progressive agenda at odds with the Magisterium. The same viewpoint, I gather,  applies to other Canadian Catholics of orthodox bent who, while not expressing their viewpoints online for whatever reason, may have had misfortune to transact or communicate with this ladder climbing clericalist.

Fr. Roscia has his hand in every pie throughout the Canadian Catholic landscape - diocesan newspapers, universities, secular media outlets, WYD Toronto, the CCCB, chanceries, advising, writing, lecturing, hosting Church-related events, winner of numerous awards, etc. He is all over the place, a prominent public figure who has lately gone trans-Atlantic, soaring to the very top. Since Pope Francis' election, Rosica has been appointed as - another notch in his long list of accomplishments - English language spokesman for the Vatican Press Office. Or, as I prefer to say in this time of diabolical disorientation in Rome, Fr. Federico Lombardi's pool boy.

So, to demonstrate my solidarity with blogger Mr. David Domet (aka Vox Cantoris), after the threat of lawsuit he received from Fr. Rosica, demanding that posts critical of his public statements removed - even reserving the right to litigate against Mr. Domet "regardless of an apology or retraction"! - this blogger provides various links to his own articles critical of Fr. Rosica's public statements and actions.

So far as I am aware, the reader would be well to note that it is unprecedented for a Vatican official to commence civil legal action against a Catholic layman critical of  the hierarchy. Fr. Rosica is a big time player with many influential "friends", so in all likelihood he consulted with certain individuals at the Vatican before commencing legal action so as intimidate a Catholic blogger into silence. Accordingly, it is not hard to deduce that Rome has declared war on Catholic bloggers - and here we have "the Francis Effect" manifesting in true form.

Below there is a cornucopia of well-referenced articles  (starting in 2010) available for perusal: Rosica's vilification of LifeSite News during the Kennedy funeral affair, his gushing interview with the excommunicated ex-priest Greg Baum, his swooning endorsement and collaboration with liberal Vaticanista John Allen, Jr., his function as mouthpiece for the apostatic Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, including machinations occurrent  at the Salt+Light Media Foundation (of which he is CEO), Catholic-lite par excellence - but most importantly for the current context, Fr. Rosica's views on the role of lay Catholics on the Internet.

Posts devoted entirely to Fr. Rosica public words/actions are these:

Posts with just a few paragraphs critical of Fr. Rosica are these: