31 August 2012


Two Irish Jesuits vocations posters. H/T Fr. Blake

A long time ago, a fair number of years after the Nu-Church Modernists assumed control, I seriously considered the priesthood. Discernment always, unequivocally, pointed in the direction of the Jesuits.

My mentality is thoroughly Jesuitical. Why do you wonder posts at this blog are so long, intricated and laborious? How else is to be explained the blunt meanness periodically interrupted by bursts of outlandish, edgy humour?

But, you see, I mean Jesuitical in the old time sense, positively - when the order was faithful, tough and intellectually rigorous. Now, after its transmogrification, it is mostly populated by proportionalists, liberation theology afficiandos and all manner of subtlizing fruitcakes. Thusly, I never applied to a seminary and never again considered the priesthood.

Fills me with a shuddering disgust when I'm reminded of what the Jesuits have become, as illustrated in those cheezy, vulgar, offensive posters. It is a personal, subjective feeling. Mine alone. But it is there nonetheless. Perhaps the intensity of my contempt (not hatred) is explainable by the fact that, in the naiveté of my younger days, I actually revered Jesuits and wanted to be like them.

What is Reason 2545, you ask?... America magazine.

Next post is coming. It will be long, intricated, laborious, sometimes bluntly mean, with bursts of outlandish humour.