02 May 2015


The Apostate Michael Coren is now publicly commenting that he has been attending Anglican services for approximately one year. For Catholics monitoring his writings over the last couple of years of so, his apostasy has been self-evident and, really, there should be no surprise at his recent public pronouncement.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear: Corenocopia = Corenocrapia.

Sidebar: public apostasy incurs automatic excommunication (Canon 1364).

Bye bye.

However, what has been lost in all of this is the following: over the course of one year, word must have gotten out. How could the betrayal of a widely known "Catholic" remain hidden for so long? Surely, news of the apostasy must have spread amongst Establishment church ranks, that their very own Neo-Catholic demagogic diva had formally jumped ship. Why, then, was it not reported earlier? Given the Apostate Coren's public prominence as a Canadian "Catholic" commentator and broadcaster, let alone all his connections with the Catholic glitterati, should they have not immediately reported (i.e. warned) the laity? During the course of the past year, Coren - in true parasitical Neo-Catholic style - was raking in the money from his dilettante speaking engagements, doing the lecture circuit at parishes, Catholic groups, organizations, etc. Why no word from the Toronto Diocese? How could it not have known? Is it because chancery office faggots are squealing with joy at Coren's pro-sodomy promulgations? Why did not any of the darlings at the Catholic Register report on it soonafter? And, yes, even perhaps anyone at Catholic Insight or The Interim?

Their silence is itself the answer. To paraphrase what I recently wrote in the com boxes at another blog: Regardless of whether they come across as conservative, traditional or progressive Catholics, "left" or "right" or "moderate" or whatever, they are all "friends" with one another. They affirm one another, justify one anothers errors and heresies, watch out for each others backs - driven by the desire for prestige, career advancement and/or acceptance.

Don't want to spill the Pellegrino!

Canadian Catholics - go elsewhere for reliable Catholic news and views. Do not trust anything that the representatives CanChurch speak or write. Do not be charmed, do not be dazzled by their intellectual acrobatics and, most especially, do not succumb to their sappy, emasculating sentimentalisms.

Given the unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church, now exploding with the Modernist/Marxist papacy of Pope Francis, it is now time to "click" off switch. It is time to cut the rope. Let them sink.