20 August 2015


The American Blog for Dallas Area Catholics recently provided expanded commentary on an article in 1Peter5, regarding how Modernist clergy have endeavored to destroy the Faith since Vatican Council II. A good piece, however the most interesting part of the read for this blogger was the comments section. Two Canadian commenters added indicting words to the fray:
I can only speak from my own brother's experience. He attended St Peter's Seminary in London, Ontario in the early 1980s. By then it was a modernist sodo sewer. To make the sign of the cross with Latin was a public scandal. The rector promoted the homosexual seminarians to "come out" with their fellow seminarians and report their reaction back to him. Anyone with a negative response was deemed not pastoral enough and asked to leave. Anyone with conservative let alone traditional theology was asked to take a year off in reflection for being too dogmatic. Needless to say he and a few of the others lasted about a year before finding the SSPX although never became priests. These modernists knew exactly what they were doing including the bishop, Bishop Sherlock. This miscreants destroyed the faith of almost everyone in the London area. They persecuted anything and everything that even hinted at Traditional Catholicism. To this very day these Judas', these vile, traitorous, treasonous dogs in ecclesiastical clothing do everything to keep the Tridentine Mass out of London. Those in control knew exactly what they were doing.
Quite vehement. That is very good. The statement "To this very day" can be confirmed by reference to two, long posts done at this blog last year, see Part 1 and Part 2.

The second commenter responded directly to the one just quoted:
As a former resident of London I can confirm what you say about that seminary, the priests it has produced have all but destroyed the diocese (and many others) and turned it into the most heretical in English-speaking Canada. (Quebec is even worse, I recently witnessed gay pride banners on the walls and disgustingly, hung over the altar in a Montreal Catholic parish.) Ironically, that former rector from the mid 1980s is now one of the VERY few bishops in Canada who ever speaks out publicly against the homosexual and abortion agendas in this country. I don't know whether he has had a change of heart, so to speak, because on the other hand he treats Traditional Catholics in his diocese like garbage, and banned the FSSP from celebrating Mass during so called flu "epidemics" because Communion is received on the tongue. But overall, most of these men knew what they were/are doing and will pursue it to the very end, as we will see this October.
Recall the following facts on two major problems in the Catholic Church presently: (1) the decimation and feminization of the liturgy witnessed today, including the antagonism for the Traditional Latin Mass, is largely attributable to the massive surge in the number of sodomite clergy since Vatican II; (2) the sex abuse scandal is principally attributable to homosexual pederast priests who target young boys, not pedophiles who violate children. Fathers, watch your sons. Be discriminating when looking for a parish to attend Holy Mass. Good priests are out there, it is just that you have to search as they have been silenced, suppressed and exiled by their vulgar chancery office overlords.