15 July 2010

MSS / No. 19

A video dispatch from yours truly on a covert investigation by the Vatican.



Anita Moore said...

I have a friend who calls feminism "the broad factor."

We have now seen the apotheosis of the broad factor.

Viva Scampers!

TH2 said...

Why thank you, dear Anita. I still don't know why you have yet to ban TH2 from your blog. I guess it is because, like me, you feel sorry for him.

Respectfully, Mr. Scampers.

Al said...

I clicked on the play button expecting to see a humorous tongue in cheek video by Scampers. & what do I get? A fact-filled documentary. OK, in this case they are the same thing.

LCWR-TV, the anti-EWTN. Sr. Joanie, the anti-Mother Angelica. I realize this was a bit of a spoof, but I know that if the LCWR had its way, they would replace EWTN with a network exactly like this 1. With Sr. Joanie doing her thing.

PS Loved the ontological peculiarities of blueberry muffins concept.

TH2 said...

Mother Angelica would annihilate Sr. Joan.

Al said...

& Mother would do it with 1 hand tied behind her wimple.

: )

LarryD said...

Bravo, good sir! I am truly impressed!

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