19 July 2010


An ongoing analysis of subtle and/or blatant heresy/apostasy advocated by the Canadian Catholic Mainstream Media

Today's Lesson: All we like sheep have gone astray, everyone has turned aside into his own way (Isaiah 53:6).

PAPAL POTSHOT. In a recent editorial at the cornball pastoral periodical Celebrate!, Bernadette Gasslein writes of the "of the widespread denial and hiding of the reality of sexual abuse of children and youth to save the Church’s institutional face."[1] She goes on to state: "To engage in this challenging work of reconciliation, we cannot demean either victim or offender. If any of us speaks of "ridding the Church of filth," we inevitably communicate that some person is filth - and both victims and offenders have been so demeaned. This is not the message of the Gospel or the Church’s social teaching" (TH2 emphasis). Gasslein is referring to the words of Pope Benedict who, upon his election to the papacy, promised to rid "filth" from the Church, meaning those religious who committed sexual abuses.[2] Right away three things are noticed: Firstly, why does Gasslein not explicitly indicate, by name, that it is Benedict XVI to whom she is making reference? The fact she does not speaks volumes. Secondly, she makes the standard dilettante error of confusing being with behaviour, i.e. ignorantly assuming that the ridding of filth means that the person as such is filth, inferring that the Pope is unaware of the distinction between the sin and sinner (e.g. "love the sinner, hate the sin"). It is safe to assume that His Holiness is more philosophically nuanced than, outfitted with theological equipment superior to, Ms. Gasslein. Thirdly, if Gasslein cannot deal with a specific and hard hitting word like "filth" to characterize the sexual abuse of (predominately) young boys by homosexual priests (ephebophilia)[3], then what other word should be used depict these abominations? Tune in to the next Oprah to find out. No surprise here with Gasslein's secret contempt. Recall: Celebrate! is published by the enemies at Novalis Publishers.

SIN OF OMISSION. "Of the 74 people named to the Order of Canada on Canada Day, only one of them has spent a lifetime explaining to the world how to be human".[4] So writes Michael Swan at The Catholic Register, referring to Sr. Simone Roach, who taught nursing at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Now the appointment to the Order of Canada has nowadays turned into a national joke. "Who doesn't have that award?", goes the righteous retort. Recipients are mainly on the politically correct Left. But what makes the report atrocious (within the context of Catholicism and balanced reporting) is that Mr. Swan completely omits the recent controversy regarding the naming of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada in 2008. He was named thereto by that prissy, endistancing bureaucrat, Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada. Morgentaler is Canada's most notorious abortionist, operating Moloch mills throughout Canada. In response to his appointment, not a few have resigned from the Order, including Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte.[5] Not only is it despicable that Swan quietly leaves this salient issue aside, his article makes it as if Sr. Roach's appointment is something to be celebrated by Catholics, to be highly commended. The fact that Sr. Roach is welcoming the appointment also speaks to her character and submission to the spirit of the world. What makes it worse is Roach's nursing involvement, of that appertaining to human life/health, though evidently the life/health of unborn children is to her a bottom tier concern. It is also worth mentioning that Sr. Christine Leyser, IBVM, a habitless "social justice" nun, was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2009.[6] She gratefully accepted as well. The embedded image above shows this apostate smooching the CBC Fabianist Governor General, Michaëlle Jean. Sleep well, muffins.

LAMENTATION OVER DEFUNDING OF PRO-ABORTION GROUPS. In his "Journey to Justice" column in the Western Catholic Reporter Joe Gunn writes of "the chill emanating from Ottawa, which has frozen the good efforts of civil society groups across the land".[7] He is lamenting "the most egregious cut to international development groups". Cut as in the federal governments reduction of dollars to leftist NGOs and charities. He specifically laments cuts made to Amnesty International, OXFAM, KAIROS, Development & Peace and the women's group MATCH International (amongst others). But wait a second. Why is Gunny lamenting? All of these groups are known facilitators/promotors of abortion.[8] Abortion is murder and the Catholic Church has always forbidden it as a grave evil. Again, the question is this: Why is Gunny, who writes for a supposedly "Catholic" newspaper, lamenting over the loss of public funding to pro-abortion groups? The logical deduction is either he deems abortion to not be an evil or he simply does not care (which is the same as the former). As a "social justice" bureaucrat, the abortion issue would, of course, intrude upon his dream of a future Marxist utopia. Pathetic. Underhanded. Conniving.

NEW GERITOL TIMES. Those radical Marxist fossils at the New Catholic Times are at it again. This month they posted an article by Daniel C. Maguire from Marquette University, "president of the Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health, and Ethics". The article is entitled "Hierarchy, Sex and Power: A Primer on Educating Bishops", originally published by the Moloch worshipping, hellbound group "Catholics for Choice".[9] No surprise here, of course, but it would be nice if the staff at New Clapper Times would at least relax once in a while. Don't they nap anymore? They certainly deserve to do so after the last 40+ years of revolutionizing and pot smoking. Oh, lest we forget: the enemies at Novalis Publishers endorse their comrades at NCT. Click here and follow the arrows.

EDITOR PROVOCATION. At the Prairie Messenger the following (extract) Letter to the Editor was published: "On April 16, Rev. Hans Küng, the world famous theologian and Catholic priest, published a letter in The New York Times that challenged all Catholics, lay and clerical, to take a good hard look at what is happening to the Catholic Church. Since then, I have seen two references to the letter in the PM. One was a response from the Vatican. The other was a reference by a local person. But I have not seen his letter in full".[10] That the letter writer is a buffoon is clear. Yet what is interesting is the Editor's note thereafter: "The text of Rev. Hans Kung's open letter to the world's bishops (April 2010) can be found in the PM's online edition this week." Happily does the Editor plaster Küng's diatribe at the Prairie Messenger website, linked in from the home page.[11] The Editor (obviously a scoundrel) makes no mention of Küng being a manifest heretic; no mention that Küng denies Christ's divinity and that he negates papal infallibility (to say the least); no mention of the disproven allegations against the Pope (with facts), about whom Küng wrote: "the worldwide system of covering up cases of sexual crimes committed by clerics was engineered by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger". Note that the Editor's lack of commentary on, or qualifications of, Küng's letter is a standard tactic used to provoke and quietly insult orthodox Catholics. The Editor's escape hatch is that he just presented Küng's letter as such, neither praising or condemning it. Accordingly, he has a built-in defence that automatically disallows criticism, thus removing all responsibility away from himself with respect to his dissemination of heresy. Schmuck.


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Leysner belongs to the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), Loretto Sisters, Canadian Province (Guelph, Ontario). Visit these habitless nuns at their website here and learn about social justice and other NGO crap. With links to Amnesty International, Development and Peace, the paganistic nature worshipping Earth Charter, the United Nations and other abortion facilitators.

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Al said...

Change a few names & locations & this could be about what is going on here in the Lower 48 as well, sadly.

Maybe Sr. Roach & Sister Carol Keehan can debate whether getting the Order of Canada or a pen from the signing ObamaCare with its abortion provisions was the greater honor. (Yes, heavy sarcasm in that last line.)

P. Button said...

On the other hand, Canada has Wolverine. That's got to count for something.

Anita Moore said...

That Gasslein thing is particularly outrageous. When she says we can't "demean" both victims and offenders, what she really means is we can't "demean" offenders. She has already demeaned victims by making them morally equivalent to offenders. And the offenders demean themselves by being offenders. I thought the Holy Father's use of the word "filth" was quite accurate.

TH2 said...

You have pinpointed the mentality (based on emotionalism) and "logic" of many in the Canadian Catholic MSM. It's a sad situation.

MarkGelbart said...

Abortion is not murder, you moron.

A fetus is not the equivalent of a human being.

TH2 said...

What impeccable logic! Just two sentences to justify your position and come to a conclusion. Anyway, perhaps it's now time to move out of your parent's basement and get a job.

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