29 June 2010


A favourite depiction of mine.

I am not your best.
But I do love you.
Look kindly upon me, Holy Lady.



joanne parenteau said...

Tell me if you please, what motivated you to go to the lengths of posting this elaborate blog? Was it your personal feelings, or were you "called" by the Spirit to devote the time and energy to this type of endeavor?

I have often wished there was more criticism of the socalled Catholic Publishers, such as Novalis, and the twisted teaching going on at our socalled Catholic St. Paul University.

What are your thoughts on the Dominican College here in Ottawa? I would like to go back to school and study a masters in theology - one day that is.

I admire your writing style and the investigative lengths you have gone to in order to illustrate your points. (just read the article on Novalis)

Any chance you may have a book in the making on Heresies in our Modern Era?


TH2 said...

Hello Joanne:

Thank you for your kind comments and taking time to read. I am very appreciative.

As for my motivation... there are many reasons, but mainly it boils down to defending the Holy Church against the lies, distortions and complacency of those "within", the so-called Catholic intellectuals, journalists, etc, and those "without", whatever ideology-philosophy it may be.

I will have to claim ignorance regarding the Dominican College. However, I can suggest the Cardinal Newman Society at he following link: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/. They assess Catholic colleges-universities and provide reports on institutions loyal to the Church and those that are not.

I have no intention of doing a book. Anyhow, my writing style is too blunt and precise for any submission to be accepted ;) This is why I like St. Paul - he caused a riot where ever he went. I just thank God for my little blog. That is all I want. I very much enjoy writing articles for it, for the edification of others, and I have made many good friends online.

I also very much enjoy annoying liberals.

God bless. TH2/

Mary said...

I have never seen this depiction, and I love it. Thanks for posting.

TH2 said...

Mary: I do not know who rendered it and should look it up.

Anita Moore said...

That is a nice depiction. Almost -- almost -- as good as the ones of Mary with the entire Order of Preachers under her mantle.

(That's "Dominicans" for those of you in Rio Linda.)

TH2 said...

Do have a link to that? I would be interested to see.

Anita Moore said...

There are a few versions of it out there. I have one at the very bottom of my blog.

TH2 said...

OK, am going to check it out. Thanks.

Molly said...

This painting is beautiful. I'm so glad you posted it, I've never seen it before.

Joanneparenteau said...

This is me replying to me.  I forgot completely that I had posted these comments.  I did check out Dominican University College this summer in applying for a Masters in Theology.  The Dean of Theology was very cordial and encourged me to study, but said I would have to do the entire Bachelor of Theology program before being admitted into the master's program.  Unfortunately they only had course offerings during the day.  My work schedule (supply teaching at Ottawa Catholic Elementary Schools) would not mesh with that. 

 I fear I may have been too hard on St. Paul's University in my above comments, as many sources have told me that there are fewer dissenting profs than in former years. 

Here's a thought you may wish to blog on - a dream of mine  - that the CCCB would put out an insert into all pews in Canada instructing the faithful that intentionally missing Sunday obligation to assist at Holy Mass is a grave sin requiring confession to ammend and secondly that the person's soul must be in a state of grace to worthily receive Holy Communion which is the True Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.  It is scandelous that so many card carrying Catholics don't know these basic teachings.  The CCCB has an obligation to make these teachings clear and evident.

Keep up the good work.


TH2 said...

Hello there, Joanne.

Thank you for dropping in again and providing updates.

Still, be wary and discriminating when it comes to St. Paul's. Check, double check, triple check..., course outlines, professors, etc. Regardless of where you study, my best to you.

I am a bit of a pessimist, so I think it unlikely that the CCCB will do what you rightly suggest. It is too far gone, and it is only an "episcopal conference" which has no real power, can be swept away easily by the pope. Unfortunately, it - like in other countries - has been allowed to gain overarching influence over these past few decades. Your local Ordinary is the one with the rightful authority, to effect change for the better.

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