22 February 2010



BREAKING NEWS. To the astonishment of the world, it appears that the "global warming" weather prediction problem has entirely been resolved by some guy named Gary. [STOP]

Don't worry. [STOP]

Everything will be OK. [STOP]


ADDENDUM: A comment for this post made by that most excellent blogger Al at Is Anybody There? prompted TH2 to add the video below as a supplement to the abovementioned.



Anita Moore said...


TH2 said...

Gary is a genius.

Old Bob said...

He forgot one: Sun is shining and stone is wet means a dog has passed by.

TH2 said...

Good one, Bob. Since that stone is elevated above ground level by approximately 2 feet, it would also infer a rather large canine, specifically a Great Dane... and this just corroborates the high forecast precision of the stone, and thus one can deduce, within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that, Gary is a genius.

Al said...

I love it. As it is, I will start believing these long range disaster forcasts as soon as they show they can get the next day's forecast right. Sat the Weather Service issued a Winter storm warning for DBQ beginning Noon Sun. 4-8 inches. Sun afternoon it was changed to flurries with up to an inch. We did get a few flurries but no inch. So if they can be that wrong less than 24 hrs out why should I believe what they say will happen in 24 years?

Al said...

PS see Scampers is grousing again. If he is so concerned about things being boring, why doesn't he get off his duff & get to work with some posts? : )

TH2 said...


1. Speaking of forecasts, this is the way all weather forecasts should be done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpxiCxO5k0g

2. You're the second person today who has brought up that rascal Scampers. Indeed, HE is the slacker. I'll get on his case, but before that, I am working on one of my long snorefest articles (there is some astronomy in it, so there may be a parargraph or two of interest to you, as I know you like this subject).

Mary said...

There's a "spirituality center" somewhere missing a stone in its holy water fountain. (I attended a parish mission where we were invited to take a stone out of the holy water font, lovingly fondle it, and take it home with us. Barf! I may still have that sucker around here, or maybe we threw it in with the landscape river gravel.)

I'm happy to see the "extended version" of the forecast by Jim Kosek (I'd previously seen only a shorter version.) His enthusiasm for the upcoming cataclysm is infectious. Love it!

And congratulations on your early work catch-up.

TH2 said...

Thanks re: work.

Honestly, Mary, I just cannot picture you at one of those New Age "parish missions". Were you forced by gunpoint to go? Yes, I can see you screaming through the city streets in your Shelby and pinging off heretics... but no, I definitely cannot see you caressing a rock with a bunch of maladjusted hippies! Indeed, barf... and let me add the following on top of that: puke, hurl, yak.

Mary said...

TH2, I wasn't sure what we were getting into; this was at a local parish (there are only two), and the mission description sounded flaky. I wanted to know what the heck was going on, so I went to the first of four sessions, led by a "religious sister". Couldn't stomach any more than that, because it was truly horrid. Being "undercover", I tried to hide my disdain (which is probably impossible, since my face is an open book despite my best efforts.)

I've been to several events at the same church, just to be a voice of loyalty to the Church. And to remind the old ladies in this town that there will NEVER be wymynprysts (they keep forgetting that!)

But you of all people should understand; you're a Heresy Hunter, right? Gotta go where the action is!

TH2 said...

Mary, I have been in similar circumstances, so I understand. Example: On the request of a parish priest, I (reluctantly, but in respectful obedience) went to check out some RCIA seminar thingee (already my spidey senses were tingling prior to departure)- and I had to drive an hour to get to the destination. Turned out to be a woe-is-me-non-judgmental-social-justice-we-are-the-church fest. As a professional in voice/organ, you, my dear lady, would have been so impressed at the symphony of profanities that was swirling in my skull. I even think I invented a new swear word. Cannot comment here for obvious reasons.

You are correct: Gotta go where the action is. By the way, LOL re: what you did with the rock.

Mary said...

A new swear word? LOL!!

Al said...

Mary: re the rock & fondling it. That sounds downright obscene. Yuck!!!! My sympathy to you.

My parish has a mission coming up. & even though I haven't found anything really bad on the website, but knowing the people in my parish who work on these events, I am sure it isn't totally orthodox.

A few years ago we had a mission, the priest was from the Chi-Town area & the parish website alone let me know he wouldn't be promoting orthodoxy. & although for the most part he didn't go too far off, the last nite I finally stood up in the middle of his talk & challenged his false representation of Bishop Flynn of kansas City MO. The claim was taken from an article out of (& I am sure no one will be surprized by this) The National Catholic Reporter.

Mary said...

Al: Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word fondling (hehe); but we were definitely supposed to treat that rock with (gulp) reverence. Should've drawn a face on it with a Sharpie.

I am happy to report that no one bothered to arrange a parish mission this year, so my church is hosting a video series by Fr. Robert Barron of wordonfire.org fame. Yay for us!

I'm curious how your fellow attendees handled your defense of the bishop. Do you mean Bishop Finn?

Along the same general subject of confrontation, a few years back I was listening to a homily given by a retired priest who was formerly a pastor in my county. He stated, "God, in His or her divine love....." Wait, what? I propelled my incredulous self forward in the pew, raised up a few inches, and looked all around the church. No reactions that I could see; the congrebots were taking it all in. My head was spinning through the rest of the Mass. I really wanted to leave, but had no other opportunities to fulfill my Sunday obligation. I confronted him after Mass, and he gave the usual excuse: "God is neither male nor female". I reminded him that Jesus taught us "Our Father"; maybe he forgot.

Oh, TH2: I've seen the RCIA materials my parish uses (I sponsored two dear ladies last year), and they've ranged from lousy to horrendous. It's a wonder (and only by God's grace) that anyone sticks with the program.

Sorry for hogging the combox, but just one more thing: your Into the Maelstrom gadget is the coolest thing I've seen in ages.

TH2 said...


(1) Info on how to set up he maelstrom gadget (labels at post bottom) can be found here: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2008/08/blogumus-flash-animated-label-cloud-for.html. Quite easy to set up. Good for giving the peeps wide access to a cornucopia of topics.

(2) RCIA materials at my parish: chuck full of cheezeball cartoons and one liners. BARF-FEST, PUKE-O-RAMA.

(3) I, TH2, operator and maintaniner of this blog, The Heresy Hunter, hereby confer upon Mary, of St. Paul Athens Saturday Schola, the absolute right to make her comments (at this blog) as long and detailed as she desires and/or necessitates.

Al said...

Mary, Yes it was Bishop Finn he was attacking. I did get some positive feedback, mostly from non-parishoners who were there out of concern. Otherwise, silence, although I am sure I did upset a few people. It wasn't the 1st or last time either.

A few years ago they were working on a "vision for the future of the parish" plan where they brought in a consultant. She was a "habitless hssie" from a "New Age" convent. At the presentaion I got up & said that in all they said there was no mention of ever praying to seek God's will. Boy did that upset them. I was told they started each session with prayer. Of course you know what that meant. "Oh Lord bless our plans no matter how far they roam from what You actually want." (Well not exactly in those words, but you know what I mean.) Before I said down I made it clear that I wasn't buying it. After 1 of the people on the committee came up to me to try & convince me they had seriously prayed. i still didn't buy it. I know this person wasn't happy that i dared to challenge them, but a few other parishoners were. They finally adopted it & it is now gathered dust, PRAISE GOD!

Lola said...

TH2, this posting was too much fun!

Mary, I think you are a kindred spirits.
I too have no poker face, and have on more than one occation come home from "required" parents meetings at CDD not only perplexed by what I've seen and heard, but nauseated if not downright angry. (And, I haven't much choice if I want my kids to receive the sacraments.)

Mary said...

Lola, I could have written your last paragraph! The DRE, I'm sure, gets light-headed when she sees me coming. The two of us together could probably induce seizures in some types.

Side note: I thought I had a good poker face until recently, when it became clear from certain reactions that my face told all.

Al, a couple years ago, the president of the local Catholic Ladies group (warning: hearsay; I wasn't there) prayed that the Pope would see the error of his ways and finally allow women priests! *snicker* I'm sure she's terribly disappointed.

Finally, I'm happy to say that all the habitless hussies in this area are rapidly aging and retiring, and their ranks are NOT being replaced. Yipee!

TH2, I concur with Lola - this has been a blast!

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