01 March 2010


Science... has become one of the three most effective marketing means. The other two are Sports and Sex,
writ large. Such are the three S's that rule modern life.

- Fr. Stanley Jaki, The Biblical Basis of Western Science


Never did like the Olympics, winter or summer. When considered as an "international event" (with no reference to the athletes as such), the whole thing smacks of secular messianism. The opening and closing ceremonies - the grandiosity of this politically correct ritualized entertainment, the cornball iconography and symbolism, the exaggeration of the Olympics as some kind of global imperative for humanity - gives TH2 a big time stomach ache. The "Olympic song" for Vancouver 2010 was "I Believe". Well, what the hell do you believe in? Of course, some vaguely defined abstraction requiring no real commitment, some non-specific mystical "force" in the universe, and all the rest of that humanistic crap.

But do not think TH2 to be that much of a killjoy. I did watch the Olympics -
specifically/only the hockey games involving Team Canada. We won the gold medal, beating the Americans... Hazzah! Unfortunately, however, hockey has become too much of a religion for Canadians, transmogrifying into that which "defines us". But don't get me wrong again. TH2 loves the game. Been playing since I was a 6 year old punk, right up to the present day, weekly. Oh... and did I say, we beat the Yanks!

Canada's superiority in hockey is quite evident. As for our military - in terms of its strength and expenditures in recent decades... well,
that's another matter altogether...



Mary said...

Hockey is the only sport I can sit and watch. Go Penguins! But congratulations are in order for North Montana...er...I mean, Canada.

Uttered in this house sometime in the last year, and yes, I'm admitting it in a public forum: "Canada has a military?"

TH2 said...

"North Montana"! ZZZZZZiiiiiiinnnnnngggg. With a great line that, you must be over the flu. Good to see the mettle is back.

Mary said...

TH2, I wish I could claim "North Montana" originality. But instead, it was shamelessly stolen from the animated movie "Meet the Robinsons". (I don't like to watch movies, generally, and I especially don't like animated movies, but this one is VERY good.)

And I'm sure that flu will be completely gone in a couple more days. Thanks for your prayers.

Old Bob said...

My great-grandfather was a Qu├ębecois from Montmagny, and one of my best friends is a Canadienne in Winnipeg. I'm split. Best wishes to all.

TH2 said...

Thanks Bob.

Anita Moore said...

I don't have television, so I didn't watch squat. I always greet the Olympics with roaring indifference.

(I wouldn't have bet against Canada when it comes to hockey, anyway!)

Al said...

TH2, As a youth I loved watching the Olympics, but somewhere along the way after the '84 Olympics they did become uber PC* for the opening & closing ceremonies. I still haven't quite forgiven them for allowing professionals to compete, although the Communist countries athletes were really pros in the disguise of amateurs.

I honestly think the problem with the torch at the opening ceremonies was an excellant symbol of what has gone wrong, on many levels.

& while hockey has become big down here, esp for those of HS age, it hasn't displaced Baseball, Football or Basketball as the naional religion.

"I Believe" is, I suspect, mainly a positive affirmation of the athletes aspirations to do their best purely for the joy of competing & for the sake of doing their best, not for the big bucks endorsements they will get for doing well. Gee do I sound a bit sarcastic there?

Finally, after seeing the military poster I have to wonder if Obama is trying to remodel our military after Canada's like he is our health care system, God help us all!!!!!

*Speaking of PC & hockey, I can remember when some papers got so hung up on the refusing to use derogatory team nicknames that they refused to use the word Canuck.

TH2 said...

Anita: For some strange reason, blogger is not posting your comment when I click the "publish" button. However, I have my comments also redirected to my e-mail program. So I have cut and pasted it (apologies):

Anita said..."I don't have television, so I didn't watch squat. I always greet the Olympics with roaring indifference.

(I wouldn't have bet against Canada when it comes to hockey, anyway!)"

3/2/10 12:28 AM

Al said...

Mary, Northern Montana, that's a new 1.

Of course if Franklin et al had had their way Canada, or at least Quebec, would have been the 14th colony. But then we probably woldn't have the Maple Leaf Flag or the "loonie" (besides those in the US Congress)if they had joined us.

Then there were all those stories about if Quebec became a seperate country that the Eastern provinces would join the USA as states.

TH2 said...

There it is, Anita. Comment popped up. Must be a ghost in the machine.

Lola said...

This is a brilliant Rant TH2!

I loves me some hockey.

Don't tell Lazlo but I hate the "Games" for the most part. Not the athletes, not the striving for excellence, not the actual sport, but for all the reasons you wrote above.

But, the worship of sports isn't limited to the Olympics. I once heard on "Designing Women" that Football is the religion of the South. And upon attending a Florida State Game, Crimson and Gold, I discovered that that was a true statement.

Canada has an awesome and excellent military. And their food is way better than US military food. (I once met a chef in the Canadian Air Force and all my aquaintances in the US Military concurred with that.)

But as far as military inovation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlrfGx4ncgI

What? Have an awesome AVRO machine and yet the Ruskies still get a MIG? Oh C@ppers Mr. Scampers!

The Canadians better never do that again.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Good post, worthy of Mr. Scampers.

(We used to torment the Canucks at the sem unmercifully with comments like: Canadian Air Force=a Piper Cub with a deer rifle or Canadian Navy=a Boy Scout troop in a canoe.)

TH2 said...

Fr. Richtsteig: Thanks. Scamps will have something in near future, Movie No. 3. Good lines on the Canadian military: they apply entirely.

Al: You said: "Then there were all those stories about if Quebec became a separate country that the Eastern provinces would join the USA as states." That may just happen. In 1995 Quebec (a formerly Catholic province) almost voted independence, losing by a very narrow margin.

Lola: You know about the AVRO Arrow! Yes, it was a tragedy that the program was scrapped. Great aircraft. Thanks for the video link. Is there anything you don't know?... Lola knows what's going on.

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