19 February 2010


When the cross, that restraining talisman, falls to pieces, then will break forth again the ferocity of the old combatants, the insane berserker rage whereof northern poets have said and sung. The talisman is rotten, and the day will come when it will pitifully crumble to dust. The old stone gods will then arise from the forgotten ruins and wipe from their eyes the dust of a thousand years, and at last Thor with his giant hammer will leap aloft and he will shatter the gothic cathedrals. When you hear the trampling of feet and the clashing of arms, ye neighbours children, ye French, be on your guard... Smile not at my counsel, at the counsel of a dreamer, who warns you against Kantians, Fichteans and philosophers of Nature.

Heinrich Heine, Concerning the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany

Let's see... Lent just commenced on February 17 (Ash Wednesday) a period of self-sacrifice and greater concentration on the suffering of the Lord of History, and so Canada's Prairie Messenger (published out of Muenster, Saskatchewan by the Benedictine monks of St. Peter's Abbey) currently has this posted on its main page:
YEAR OF THE TIGER — Chinese New Year, which begins Feb. 14, is celebrated around the globe. In this Year of the Tiger, conservation groups hope the tiger year will be the turning point for conservation of the endangered cats. Degradation of the animal’s habitat and poaching of the tiger and its prey are blamed for its rapid disappearance. Experts estimate there are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild.
Good to know that your priorities are set aright.

Elevate the created over the Creator.

Humanize animals and animalize humans.

Hey Prairie Messenger thanks for the pagan-berserker, nature-worshipping crap !



Al said...

TH2 That's about like what some dioceses in the USA are promoting a "green lent" calling us to a fast from CO2.

I could see the year of the tiger if it was to acknowledge the fact that despite the PC gang's revisionism, we do not live in the Common Era we live Anno Domini. This is just another example of how they cut out Christ & ignore the absurdity of what they are doing instead.

Old Bob said...

Thanks, TH2, and thanks, Al! The ad is worse than crap. Various words come to mind . . . .

Andrew said...

ugh another thing that makes me sad to be Canadian, at least we're getting a new saint. Brother Andre of Montreal, pray for us!

Al said...

Andrew, we get him as well here in the USA. Because he spent some time working in the USA he is already on our calendar. A blessed in only put on the calendar of the country he or she lived in & only then rarely for more than 1 country even then unless there is good reason. Apparently the Vatican thought there was good reason to put him on the US calendar as well as Canada's.

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