16 May 2009

MSS / No. 4

Hey, Marty Haugen — Your homely 1970s cheezeball hippy crap musical abominations have decimated the liturgy. May a diarrhetic yak expectorate onto your person, you pitiable vulgarian, and take that acoustic guitar and stick it up your babybooming ass.

The Heresy Hunter (TH2) does not necessarily endorse, approve or assent to the ideations, articulations, ruminations, expurgations, cogitations, castigations or depictions as disseminated by Mr. Scampers. Any perceived similarities between views expressed in TH2 postings and the expostulations of Mr. Scampers are purely coincidental.



Mary said...

Clearly, Mr. Scampers has been subjected to "Gather Us In".

TH2 said...

Mary - I see you commented well after the post. Just came across it today. Forgot about it. The Scamps was pretty harsh on the Haugmeister, but TH2 does have the disclaimer to protect hisself against being "uncharitable" ;)

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