18 April 2009

MSS / No. 3

Genius... absolute genius... el cheezola fantastico.

The Heresy Hunter (TH2) does not necessarily endorse, approve or assent to the ideations, articulations, ruminations, expurgations, cogitations, castigations or depictions as disseminated by Mr. Scampers. Any perceived similarities between views expressed in TH2 postings and the expostulations of Mr. Scampers are purely coincidental.



Al said...

You know that in some places this could be considered torture or cruel & unusual punishment, esp for us of Italiano heritage who are Sinatra fans?

The only problem with me saying the above with a straight face is that I am also a Shatner fan, even when he oozes out the cheese.

The Heresy Hunter said...

Thanks for checking in again, Al. So you know - TH2 is a Shatner fan as well. Those trademark pauses, especially in the younger Statner (i.e. Star Trek) are brilliant, whether he intentionally does it that way or not.

As for Sinatra - Mr. Scampers tells me that he will, in the future, have some not so very nice words to say about him and the Rat Pack. Since you are a Sinatra fan, I humbly apologize to you in advance. Mr. Scampers is rather a blunt fellow.


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Ahhhh... the Shat-Man! I linked to him also.


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