17 May 2009

MSS / No. 5

Like a dog, he returns to his vomit.

TH2 issues no disclaimer here as he is in total and absolute agreement with the aforementioned condemnation.

Recall the response of Fr. George Rutler upon the formal announcement of the abomination that was today committed against God: "This is a highly cynical act, contemptuous of the Church’s prophetic voice in civil society and wagering that there will be no retribution. If a midwestern school seeks attention by granting Mr. Obama an honorary doctorate in law, the next logical step would be to grant Judas Iscariot posthumously an honorary doctorate in business administration."

Let TH2 be very clear: The Holy Angels in Heaven are now at the Throne of God crying out for justice. The malicious event that occurred today at Notre Dame University - to which John Jenkins, its academic faculty, its administration, and the majority of its students were complicit - was not so much an affront to Jesus Christ as it was a malicious broadside against the Most Blessed Virgin Mary - Our Lady, Notre Dame.

TH2 has a presentiment - and it is this: Time's up. Divine retribution is immanent.


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