17 September 2011




Fluffy Kerpuffle said...

Beautiful videos, TH2; the Eastern church is dear to my heart. 

I thought I read last year that Fairuz was living in the U.S., but now I can't find any sources to confirm it.  In any case, she's an amazing singer who is loved equally by Muslims and Christians.

TH2 said...

Yes, she has a most enchanting voice. There  some other videos of her singing at Coptic Orthodox churches during Easter. Done within the last few years, I think.

Tweety58 said...

I stumbled on your blog by accident when I noticed you had visited my "intense comments" profile.Neat blog.I love music from the Near East especially Rai.I can't understand a word but I don't listen to english lyrics either-to me the voice is an instrument.I recommend S'nel Fik  Cheba Fadela et Cheb Sahraoui - N'Sel Fik


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSVbebxVfuU&feature=fvwrel Corny Video-and DEFINITELY not the couple

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSVbebxVfuU&feature=fvwrel Live in concert,albeit, 22 years ago

Many other different versions and tempos.

TH2 said...

Thanks Tweety. Don't worry about the corniness. Yours truly is a big fan on 1970s/1980s Hindi/Bollywood films.

Tweety58 said...

Me TOO!!!I love the song breakouts and instant choreography while coyly bopping behind a tree.It always makes me smile. Subject: [theheresyshunter] Re: THE HERESY HUNTER: THE MESMERIZING EAST

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