30 July 2010


Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.

- Franz Kafka

And so with this letter the CCCB's preoccupation with bureaucratic irrelevancies continue...

The Honourable Tony Clement, M.P, P.C.
Minister of Industry
Department of Industry
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

Dear Minister,

On behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Canada, I ask that you reconsider your position on the census and continue to require the completion by some citizens of the “long form”. A great deal of this information, based on data gathered by Statistics Canada, is most helpful to all faith groups.

One of the reasons frequently cited for the elimination of this practice is that the questions are intrusive. However, it is important to remember that the form is anonymous. Furthermore, in order to build a more harmonious society, it is in our government’s best interest to inquire into these areas. It seems reasonable to ask these questions so as to better meet the needs of Canadians. No aspect of Canadians’ lifestyles should be neglected in the effort to strengthen our nation’s identity. This is a holistically healthy practice. It allows that services provided are much more effective when the target is known.

The results provide precisely the type of data that we need. For instance, the question concerning one’s religion is asked every ten years. This is one of the only ways in which we, at the national, regional and diocesan levels can gain knowledge of the demographics and identify the geographic areas where our services are required. From an ecumenical and inter-faith perspective, for all religions, this information is vital. The purchase of specific information on age, language, levels of education and physical needs in any given province or territory assists us in knowing where we should focus our services, especially vis-à-vis minority groups. Finally, many of our charity and outreach groups count on these results to help them fulfill their mission more effectively.

It is our hope, Minister, that you will take our viewpoint into account and modify your position. I thank you for having taken the time to hear our needs. It would be our pleasure to discuss this further with you or your representatives. With every good wish, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ our Lord,

+ Pierre Morissette
Bishop of Saint Jérôme
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Some questions about the letter:
  • The "long form" of the census? This is a priority of the CCCB? Are you serious?
  • So as "to build a more harmonious society"? Spare us the politically correct, utopian Trudeauisms.
  • "No aspect of Canadians' lifestyles should be neglected in the effort to strengthen our nation’s identity"? What identity when the current Dictatorship of Multiculturalism, which the CCCB endorses, is absolutely antagonistic to the notion of a singular "national identity"?
  • It is "in our government's best interest"? Greater government intrusion is advocated by the CCCB?
  • It is a "holistically healthy practice"? Did Oprah and Deepak Chopra help in drafting up this letter?
  • "From an ecumenical and inter-faith perspective, for all religions, this information is vital"? What about the Catholic perspective? Or is this specificity too embarrassing for the CCCB?
Consider additional questions:
  • Why does Statistics Canada manipulate and cover up its data/information on abortion? Never thought to ask? Not a priority? Not surprised.
  • Is it ethical that Statistics Canada makes a hefty profit by selling its data to marketers? Not a concern? Not surprised.
While we're at it, consider even more questions:
  • Why do hardly any Canadian bishops attend the annual Right to Life rally? Not a concern? Not surprised.
  • Why is it that the Development and Peace scandal has not been resolved but this Statistics Canada issue necessitates immediate attention? Not a priority? Not surprised.
  • Why is it that Canadian bishops do not admonish and, if necessary, excommunicate unrepentant heretics teaching at seminaries and so-called Catholic universities? Not a concern? Not surprised.
  • Why do the Canadian bishops not admonish and deny Holy Communion to Catholic pro-abortion politicians? Not a priority? Not surprised.
  • Why do the Canadian bishops tolerate (to obscene levels) apostate priests and nuns? Not a concern? Not surprised.
  • Why do the Canadian bishops remain silent on the plague of liturgical abuses in parishes throughout the country? Not a priority? Not surprised.
  • Why have the Canadian bishops yet to retract the "Winnipeg Statement"? Not a concern? Not surprised. That document pertained to bishops of the past and we no longer have connections to that issuance? Sorry. Read the Catechism: Bishops form an "unbroken succession going back to the beginning" (no. 1555), meaning continuity with the past.



Left-Footer said...

Why do the Bishops persist in this duckspeak, when the ordinary pewsitter is crying out for certainty?

Al said...

Everytime I see CCCB I think of CCCP (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик) aka the Soviet Union.

The questions you ask are on the mark.

But there is 1 I would like to add. He talks about how this info is important to "identify the geographic areas where our services are required." What the???????

OK on to the actually question. What does he mean by services? If he is talking about what you pointed out then it is simple, they aren't needed let alone required anywhere & there is no need for any census questions to identify any place where they might be.

If he means actually proclaiming the Gospel & teaching what the Catholic Church teaches rather than undermining it like most Canadian Bishops etc do, again there is no need for a census to ID specific areas. The salvific services of the One, Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church are needed everywhere & at every time. & the CCCB would be the perfect place for evangelization & conversion to the 1 True Faith to start.

So who needs a census asking intrusive questions??? Definitely not the CCCB.

Nancy said...

Our family's beef with the long form goes a long way back. My mom once filled out the long form in the 60s and duly entered the questions about ethnicity of origin of both her and dad - mom is of an Asian background and dad northern European. A little while after submitting the census forms she got a telephone call from a flunkey in the government accusing her of lying on the census. When mom asked why the government hack told her, "It said on the census that your ethnicity of origin is ____ and your husband's is ____ and it seemed to me that it was a strange mix."

Seriously, is that what the CCCB considers a priority?

TH2, along with your questions I've wondered why the CCCB haven't said very much about the new Missal translations, especially when the Americans already have a nice website up and running explaining the upcoming changes. Mind you, the CCCB has been a tad reticent to talk about the process behind the new lectionary, especially when their attempts to foist an inclusive language lectionary on the faithful got the smackdown from CDF and necessitated changes to the text.

And here's another question - do you think there are a few folks out there who aren't happy that Cardinal Ouellet is going to be the new head of the Congregation for Bishops? Just wondering.

P. Button said...

On the plus side, whenever Americans like myself get discouraged by the state of the domestic Church, we can always remember that you Canuks are worse off. In all seriousness though, why does the CCCB need the government to find out how many Catholics live in Canada? Can't they just tally parish membership data?

TH2 said...

Left Footer: You summed up my post in one line.

Al: Its interesting how the bishops offer a "service" (good catch, missed that). Are they not shepherds? Even with our police forces. Used to be (for example) "Toronto Police Force", which is now "Toronto Police Service". Cops now offer a "service", which is really pathetic when reflected upon.

Nancy: On the Census - the fact the it is a CCCB priority is a symptom of a disease within. On the Missal - reluctance to speak of it more is itself an indicator of its dislike for it. On Card. Ouellet - yes, very likely not a few are unhappy. I must confess, however, that I was hoping Card. Pell (from Australia) would get the job), a real fixer-upper, if you know what I mean. People did cartwheels when his name came up, and then the bogus charges came. To my knowledge, Ouellet is more "diplomatic" than Pell, but I hope/pray he will do a good job and, at least, start cleaning up the mess.

P.B. I would indeed say things are worse up here that on your side. Your "tally membership data" is a good and simple solution to what, in reality, should be a low tier concern.

Al said...

Nancy, from the reaction your mother got, it sounds like back in the pre-PC 60s the Canadian government frowned on the idea of interracial marriages.

Speaking of the website, I will admit I am a bit surprized at how pro-active the USCCB has been since the new translation was OKed. esp given the reluctance & footdrragging.

I had totally forgotten the CCCB's inclusive language lectionary. The USCCB's attempt got slapped down somewhat before it got foisted on us. Somewhat, but not completely. Almost every Epistle reading starts Brothers & sisters. The CCCB lectionary had some peopularity down here among the inclusiveness gang & was used in some places even though it wasn't OKed for down here.

Still the CCCB's was better than the "Priests for Inclusiveness" version that had such gems as "spouses be submissive to your spouses".

PB While I feel sorry for TH2 He does help to remind us how much worse things could be here in the lower 48.

Given PB's question about tallies, my reaction was "What you mean they don't do parish censuses or annual attendance counts like they do every October at all the Sunday Masses during the "Liturgy of the Word"?

Anita Moore said...

How on earth did the Snowshoe Priest ever manage without the long form?

TH2 said...

It's really bad up here, Anita... really bad.

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