10 June 2010


I came across this video some time ago and forgot about it. The notorious LarryD just posted a modified version, reminding me again of this classic in Commie cheese, which (incidentally) accurately portrays yours truly after a day of labour and toil.

Strange... why aren't my friends returning my phone messages anymore?



Mary said...

Then you are entirely too pleasant after a day of labour and toil! Or perhaps you mean that you're delirious and unable to use language? :)

TH2 said...

Let us say, Mary, that I'm slightly skewed... But that would depend on whether the ceiling fixture said it was OK for me to eat the photocopier. The weather is fine, but I left my lunch inside the vacuum cleaner, and then I had to go to McDonalds to clean the windshield.

...I do have my good days though.

Al said...

Something tells me that this is Mr. Scampers favorite version:


TH2 said...

I think you're absolutely right, Al.

Helen said...

Now that does it! This catchy tune's stuck in my head and oh hohohohoho...lol

TH2 said...

Yes, Helen, the song stuck in my head as well. I kinda like it. God bless him.

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