16 June 2010


My friend and pro-life blogger Al at Is Anybody There? just had his home vandalized. Evidence indicates the perpetrator to be a pro-abortionist. Al just posted this at his blog:
The battle to defend life is personally heating up. Someone here in DBQ decided they didn't like what I am doing so they decided to vandalize my home... While waiting for the police, I found out the rest of the details... On the back side of the home facing the neighbor's house across the drive someone wrote "support aboration (sic)" in black. Below that in black was "baby killer"... [it] was also written on there in green a couple times, along with "fu" which I think we both know what that means. Up in a corner was an "is" as well. After telling her about my pro-life involvement etc, the police officer said that it probably was intentional harassment... It probably has to be someone who knows what I do with this blog...
Please go visit this Great Defender of the Unborn and show him your support. LINK

UPDATE / 24 June 2010: Al just posted an update. The incident was reported in Dubuque's Telegraph Herald here.



Lola said...

This is really disturbing.

Al said...

Grazie for getting the word out. We need to know what lies ahead for those of us who are going to stand up for what is right. People will take shots at us, figuratively as well as literally.

TH2 said...

No probs, Al. As before - prayers for your safety and security.

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