28 June 2010


Ever since TH2 got this blog up and running in early 2009, there has been, from the get-go, a steady flow of harsh criticism and lampooning of heretical/liberal nuns. There is one in particular. Namely, Sr. Joan Chittister. In the past, I have read her articles, perused her website (going by the name Benetvision), and so forth. But I distinctly recall it only taking a short time to arrive at the conclusion that this person is, not just a heretic, but a heresiarchess. Still, one likes to have, from reliable sources, confirmation of such definitional extrapolations.

So I'm doing my regular rounds at Al's blog Is Anybody There? (H/T) and he has this post on Fr. Paul Marx, OSB (1920-2010), the recently deceased founder of Human Life International (HLI). On August 20, 2007, Fr. Marx wrote the following in a letter to Fr. Tom Euteneuer, the (now) president of HLI:
...and thank God you printed that "The Millstone Award" item. Sister Joan Chittister is a wicked woman, to say nothing of a wicked nun. Whoever wrote that article about Sister Chittister did a marvelous job; it is a great commentary on this wild nun who has been doing her dirty work for quite some time.
Holy kerschmackenals! There was my stamp of confirmation. You're not going to get a more reliable source than that.

Al continued, writing that Fr. Marx often said: "The truth will set you free, but it won't make you any friends".

When is this guy going to be made a saint? Do it soon. Please. That line ranks up there with a recently discovered (now) all-time favourite of mine by Fr. Stanley Jaki, OSB (1924-2009).

It goes like this: "Nothing gives me greater joy than to skewer heretics with the truth".

Come to think of it, when is this recently deceased priest going to be made a saint? Forget protocol.

These Benedictine's are the best. And, hey... we now have a pope named Benedict. Neato!

We must pray for Sr. Joan, of course. But it certainly does not mean that Mr. Scampers cannot lampoon her once in a while. Right Scampers?



Marco said...

Sr Joan is CNN's favorite weapon of choice along with Fr McBrien for news on anything Catholic. If you listen closely, she sets herself up as infallible when she pronounces on women's ordinations, pro-choice and the gay agenda. Just like the song by the Scorpions, there is a wind of change! The youth are comin! Soon that ilk will reap the rewards of their concraceptive minded hippie generation.

Al said...

Fr. Marx, Fr. Jaki - what a Benedictine should be.

Sr. Joanie - Everything St. Benedict said a Benedictine shouldn't be.

Fr. Marx - Santo subito!!!!!

Ditto for the other good Benedictine, Fr. Jaki.

PS When I read the very appropriate term for Sr. J, heresiarchess, I had a vision of her as the newest anti-Pope, Popess Joan II.

TH2 said...

Marco: "...there is a wind of change! The youth are comin!" I'm counting on you, my friend.

Al: I forget to mention in the post that Sr. Joan is also a Benedictine. "Popess Joan II" - good one.

Celestine said...

TH2 (and Scampers!),

Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like reading one of these posts. Please, continue to "skewer heretics with the truth" as much as you are able.

TH2 said...

Thanks, Celestine. Incidentally, Scampers tells me he's got a video dispatch in the works, near completion, on some covert Vatican investigation or other. Stay tuned.

Anita Moore said...

If you like those quotes, you'll love this from St. John Chrysostom:

But since our discourse has now turned to the subject of blasphemy, I desire to ask one favor of you all, in return for this my address, and speaking with you; which is, that you will correct on my behalf the blasphemers of this city. And should you hear any one in the public thoroughfare, or in the midst of the forum, blaspheming God; go up to him and rebuke him; and should it be necessary to inflict blows, spare not to do so. Smite him on the face; strike his mouth; sanctify your hand with the blow, and if any should accuse you, and drag you to the place of justice, follow them thither; and when the judge on the bench calls you to account, say boldly that the man blasphemed the King of angels! For if it be necessary to punish those who blaspheme an earthly king, much more so those who insult God. It is a common crime, a public injury; and it is lawful for every one who is willing, to bring forward an accusation. Let the Jews and Greeks learn, that the Christians are the saviours of the city; that they are its guardians, its patrons, and its teachers. Let the dissolute and the perverse also learn this; that they must fear the servants of God too; that if at any time they are inclined to utter such a thing, they may look round every way at each other, and tremble even at their own shadows, anxious lest perchance a Christian, having heard what they said, should spring upon them and sharply chastise them.

TH2 said...

I like this St. John Chrysostom guy. He's alright. :)

Al said...

Ahhhh! St John the Golden-Mouth

This quote is a good example of why he is a Greek Father of the Church & a Doctor of the Church.

Something tells me he would approve of applying these words to Sr. Joanie. :)

Lola said...

Now he's a Marx I want my darlings to study.

God Bless you TH2!

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