02 May 2015


The Apostate Michael Coren is now publicly commenting that he has been attending Anglican services for approximately one year. For Catholics monitoring his writings over the last couple of years of so, his apostasy has been self-evident and, really, there should be no surprise at his recent public pronouncement.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear: Corenocopia = Corenocrapia.

Sidebar: public apostasy incurs automatic excommunication (Canon 1364).

Bye bye.

However, what has been lost in all of this is the following: over the course of one year, word must have gotten out. How could the betrayal of a widely known "Catholic" remain hidden for so long? Surely, news of the apostasy must have spread amongst Establishment church ranks, that their very own Neo-Catholic demagogic diva had formally jumped ship. Why, then, was it not reported earlier? Given the Apostate Coren's public prominence as a Canadian "Catholic" commentator and broadcaster, let alone all his connections with the Catholic glitterati, should they have not immediately reported (i.e. warned) the laity? During the course of the past year, Coren - in true parasitical Neo-Catholic style - was raking in the money from his dilettante speaking engagements, doing the lecture circuit at parishes, Catholic groups, organizations, etc. Why no word from the Toronto Diocese? How could it not have known? Is it because chancery office faggots are squealing with joy at Coren's pro-sodomy promulgations? Why did not any of the darlings at the Catholic Register report on it soonafter? And, yes, even perhaps anyone at Catholic Insight or The Interim?

Their silence is itself the answer. To paraphrase what I recently wrote in the com boxes at another blog: Regardless of whether they come across as conservative, traditional or progressive Catholics, "left" or "right" or "moderate" or whatever, they are all "friends" with one another. They affirm one another, justify one anothers errors and heresies, watch out for each others backs - driven by the desire for prestige, career advancement and/or acceptance.

Don't want to spill the Pellegrino!

Canadian Catholics - go elsewhere for reliable Catholic news and views. Do not trust anything that the representatives CanChurch speak or write. Do not be charmed, do not be dazzled by their intellectual acrobatics and, most especially, do not succumb to their sappy, emasculating sentimentalisms.

Given the unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church, now exploding with the Modernist/Marxist papacy of Pope Francis, it is now time to "click" off switch. It is time to cut the rope. Let them sink.



marylise said...

Sad to say Michael Coren was the recipient of the 2011 Adam Exner award from the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) for "excellence" in Catholic life. The whole fiasco shows that Catholics have become extremely -- even deliberately -- weak in discernment. Contrary to the advice of St. Paul, we exalt new converts without a trial period, especially if those converts have a presence in the mainstream media. (Look at the drooling teeny-bopper adulation of U.S. "convert" Scott Hahn.) As Heresy Hunter says, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Catholic media have been complicit in hiding the apostasy of Michael Coren for the past year. What does this mean? It means that money, popularity and appearances are more important to the modernist Catholic establishment than truth.

TH2 said...

Coren and Hahn are very much ideological twins. Here's an extraction of someone recounting his experience at a "Hahn speaking event" a few years ago:

"When we got in, it was pop-con Catholicism at full throttle. Of course,
both authors of that night had booths hawking their apologetic wares to
eager Catholics with more disposable income than knowledge...the rest of the night was just him re-telling for the fifteen
jillionth time his conversion story, how blessed he is, and how swell it
is to be Catholic... For the last ten minutes, Hahn decided to hold up every book that he
had written in the last ten years and give a one minute spiel about why
we needed to buy each one, and how incredibly awesome Scott Hahn is
(“this book is now found in thirty percent of Catholic high schools”)... Like any good hustler, however, Hahn forged on, book after book, adding
at the end that he would be standing by his book table at the end of the
presentation (added meaning: just in case you want me to autograph the
books that you are going to buy). After that, I was pretty adamant that
we were not going to attend the talk of the other bearded
what’s-his-face. We left to get frosties at Wendy’s, like real Catholics
on a Friday night...Yeah, I admit, all of the above is quite snarky. But the atmosphere that
conservative “pop Catholicism” seeks to create in this country warrants
no other reaction. Such dilettantish intellectual mush that such
figures as Hahn seek to feed us is very much the product of this iron
age of Catholic thought. If I was to pick a legitimate criticism of this
talk, and of Hahn’s “neo-Catholicism” in general, it is that I am not
convinced that it is Catholic at all. "

link: http://arturovasquez.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/scott-hahn-superstar/

marylise said...

Yes, exactly. And this discussion makes unavoidable some reference to the role of EWTN in promoting false converts and confidence men seeking to use the Catholic Church as a source of income. When John Corapi was declared "unfit for ministry" by his own order, EWTN immediately withdrew all his programs from their broadcasting schedule. It happened in a flash. Yet EWTN had been collaborating with Corapi for years, promoting his "ministry," giving him enormous pockets of air time and selling his books, DVDs and CDs. It is scarcely credible that through all that time, EWTN had no idea that Corapi was leading a truly scandalous private life. Thank you, Heresy Hunter, for providing a place where the difference between truth and falsehood is still considered important.

John Laws said...

Nice little mutual narcissist society, isn't it? http://www.theinterim.com/columnist/malcolm-muggeridge-a-sparkling-soul/

Spies aren't only known for espionage. http://anolen.com/2013/02/22/all-i-want-for-christmas/

Canadian (and CanChurch) media never got out of its anglophile propagandist rut. http://anolen.com/2014/05/08/the-empire-is-listening/

plc53 said...

Hello TH2 and Marylise! So things are falling into the new order for the neocats, eh!? The health and prosperity pleasure pushers have ascended to the throne as one thought they well may. So long to the loony left and all hail the new right catholic version of the gospel according to Joel Osteen. So let's have us some joy now please, (yes, we are the joy-junkies) with some hefty helpings of pleasure, self-fulfillment, and human approbation. Praise someone and give a quick mention, too, to the Lord! Our bellies are being filled along with our pride, and we make a lovely bunch of neo-catholic coconuts standing in a row! :)

So, the lucky ones here, the blessed ones, will be the martyrs and the desert hermits, and such as the like for the time being. The ones who will ask and receive, and accept to live day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, at and in the tender mercy of our loving and all-powerful God. Truly, without self-glorification, without the love of mammon.

We have so much to learn, and it would seem like such a short amount of time with which to learn it; to obtain such a steadfast faith. Pray that we not lose faith for fear of the wolves. Isn't that what Pope Benedict XVI once asked of us? But we mustn't mention Pope Benedict XVI....we must go forward and never look back.

Ah, but we will look back, regardless of the neo-cat chanting, and remember Anthony, and the desert monks, and all those holy Saints who preferred to have very little, seemingly next to nothing, to seek first the kingdom of God and his justice, rather than to serve the false god of mammon. He tells the truth, if we will hear it, and we can not serve two masters, both God and mammon. We will give mammon the heave-ho, and He will provide for all that we need. So simple, and yet so difficult, for us poor banished children of Eve. Eyes ever drawn to the shiny, bright red apple.

Coren may as well have stuck around. The neo-cats will capitulate, soon enough.

Dorothy said...

Well, it didn't get out. Nobody in Catholic media that I've spoken to had the foggiest clue. Catholics who are even more insanely heterodox than Coren believe themselves, and advertise themselves, to be Roman Catholic. Coren himself continued to write about "our Catholic Church". Columnists don't breeze into the office these days or chit-chat around the water-cooler. We send our columns by email, and it never occurs to our editors to ask where we went to church on Sunday.

What is a surprise to me is that it is a surprise that anyone in the RCC would doubt men can keep secrets about themselves secret. Who knew Bishop Lahey had had a steady boyfriend for a decade before his trial for possession of child pornography? No Catholic journalist I know. Perhaps there was a conspiracy of silence among his nearest and dearest, or perhaps none of them knew either. I'll point out that nobody knows who Heresy Hunter is; I've been asked to spill any beans by fellow Catholic journalists, and no joy, since I have very few beans to spill. The H.H., widely loathed, still keeps his secret; why does he doubt MC could keep his?

The source of the news that Coren has considered himself an Anglican for over an entire year did not come from a helpful Anglican or some shocked Catholic confidante who called up one of Coren's hoodwinked editors. No helpful Anglican or Catholic confidante made any such call. The "one year" revelation came from Coren himself, posting Facebook messages and tweets when it became clear he had been "outed" on Facebook by the Anglican diocese itself. And as for the response time, the CR and, I believe, the Interim are weeklies. The news broke too late for any dramatic (and out of date) "stop the press" scene. Catholic World Report, after some consultation, and after MC and Joseph Brean (that noted Eucharistic theologian) concocted a puff piece for the National Post, ran the story. No doubt the traditional weeklies will follow suit.

TH2 said...

Good to read you again, plc53.

Related to the desert hermits - a priest friend of mine said that, with the coming storm of persecution, we need to create havens for ourselves - for respite, prayer, solace. Wise counsel from a holy priest and loyal son of the Church. As of late, this is what I am attempting. Not to mean Quietism. Rather, some spiritual and material place for rest and peace. The daily onslaught of vulgar Bergoglioisms, the omnipresent news of implosion in the Church everywhere, is just too much. So, a break is needed before heading out again into the storm, then to run the race and fight the good fight that St. Paul mentions.

plc53 said...

Happy to hear you have such a good friend, TH2, and that he is a holy priest. A great blessing. And yes, I think it's very wise not to go one day without turning to Jesus and Mary in mental prayer, for as much time as possible each day. The rosary is, as always, one great weapon for us, with the added blessing of being able to create that haven, the healing peace and true joy we so very much are in need of to continue with the struggle, given all the counterfeits presented to us at present. Ave Maria!

Boniface said...

It is a bit much to say Hahn is "not Catholic at all." I have since moved on from Hahn, for the reasons many of the other commenters have noted, but it was because of him that I returned to the practice of the Faith, so though he is far from perfect, I do not want to despise the tools God used, in His mercy, to bring about my salvation.

TH2 said...

Thanks for commenting again, Boniface.

Your point is taken, but I am going to disagree - in a wider context. Yes, Hahn may have been partly responsible for some conversions, but I am not convinced that the number of these is significant, unless objective statistics prove otherwise. Mainly, I think he preaches to the choir. So, it is not a matter of "converting" but, rather, bolstering. That is, the isadvantages of his apologetics greatly outweigh any advantages.

Let me provide a poor analogy from personal experience: In my view, Jacques Maritain's "integral humanism" has caused much damage, by immanentizing, horizontalizing the Church, etc. This is his lasting ideational legacy. However, there was one, small, largely forgotten book he wrote which really opened up my eyes to the philosophical implications of Luther's revolt. That book was Three Reformers, the other two being Decartes and Rousseau. With that book, alongside with works by Denifle and Grisar, I was able to say "a ha!, I understand now". That little book as such was advantageous to me and I assume a few others. Nonetheless, his "integral humanism" was more significantly impactful over time, in place, i.e. disadvantages greatly outweigh any advantages.

TH2 said...

Been reflecting on whether or not I should respond to this comment and, if so, how. The following will be sufficient:

Be assured that you and your journalist friends also are "widely loathed" - intensely so, for a long time. This, mainly for getting away scot free for writing heretically damaging things via pewsitter derived money, hiding in secret under the protection of the bishop and chancery office personnel, never making any of these "Catholic" journalists accountable, never applying proper measures to halt the corruption of souls. I know this not just from private communications online, but also from real life encounters. So be sure to tell this to your journalist friends whilst sipping your Martini and Rossi's at the next gala celebrating how awesome you all are.

Dorothy said...

When I wrote "widely loathed," I meant the persona, not the person, whom--as far as I know--only I, of all the poor old battered legacy Canadian Catholic media, have met as "the author of Heresy Hunter" and know to have been quite generous to one poor old journo. So don't take it so personally.

Meanwhile, I certainly hope I have not written heretical and damaging things, and if I have, I would like it pointed out so that I can correct them. Also, I have never been invited to such a gala in my life, and I can't remember Martini and Rossi ever being on offer at any Catholic book event or conference I've ever been at, including some award ceremony. (I do vaguely recall being invited to one of those once.) Oh, same goes for the Pellegrino, which I don't think I've had outside Italy. (I am not invited to wonderful galas in Italy either, by the way.) You must be labouring under a misapprehension over how much money is floating around. To steal a phrase from Simcha Fischer, Catholic journalists are rolling in nickels.

You may also be labouring under a misapprehension over the role and the responsibilities of Catholic weeklies, to say nothing over the day to day realities of running a traditional print newspaper in 2015 on a shoestring budget. "Catholic Insight" strove for a high level of orthodoxy, and not only did it get beglamoured by the Coren, it tanked. Subscriptions fell below survival rate--was it Coren? Or was it just another cell combusting in the long death of print?

What is this Pewsitter derived money of which you speak? Obviously I need an agent because I have a vague memory that Pewsitter picked one or two of my things up, and never a cent did I see. I hadn't the foggiest clue anyone made any money out of that. Well, well.

What were these real life encounters, I'd like to know. You've never been so shy about naming names when it comes to guesswork. So if you have had real life quotes, I'd like to see them. That would make your remarks more like news and less like gossip and invective.

Dorothy said...

Not going to reply to all that except to say, for the record, that I did not shaft Vox. Vox has been used and abused enough that I heartily wish to disassociate myself from any such idea. I know perfectly well how much Vox suffered; what was done to him was outrageous.

Meanwhile, I will always defend Joe Sinasac and Michael Swan (specifically) from over-the-top attacks. Michael and I disagree on a lot, but that doesn't abate my respect for him as a reporter, a very hard-working reporter who has poured out his life for the CR. He went to talk to Christian refugees in Syria almost before anyone else noticed there were Christian refugees in Syria. Meanwhile, Michael and Joe did give me my start and were great mentors, and therefore are kind of like my foster fathers, as it were, deserving of my respect.

Barona Barona said...

We, at Toronto Catholic Witness knew last May 2014 that something seriously wrong was going on with Michael Coren. We knew simply from PUBLIC statements the man was making. It is impossible to claim that no one knew, given there was an explicit, public record. http://torontocatholicwitness.blogspot.ca/2014/05/the-convenient-catholicism-of-michael.html

Boniface said...

I would agree that I don't think he is responsible for a huge number of conversions, as well as some of your other points. I certainly understand that God can use any means he chooses to bring people into the church, and that doesn't necessarily mean those things are fully praiseworthy in and of themselves. I mainly took objection to the assertion that Hahn is "not Catholic at all", which I think was not said by you but by one of them commenters.

Thanks for the great blog. Blessings.

marylise said...

Michael Coren has now become a public champion of the Wynne-Levin child abuse program to be inflicted on Ontario families through the school system in September 2015. On the Agenda (TVO), he expressed the opinion that people who criticize the Wynne-Levin idea of sex education are "homophobic" and ignorant. He seemed particularly thrilled that Wynne-Levin propose to teach children that masturbation is a normal behaviour with no moral implications. The poor guy gives the impression that underneath it all he is under a compulsion to defend his decision to abandon the Catholic Church. His weakness is recognized by the mainstream media and he is being used.

Bro. Ignatius Mary said...

It is hard for this site to have any credibility when the owner of the site does not identify himself. I can find no link of who runs the site, unless I missed it somewhere.

TH2 said...

...and it is hard for me to find any credibility with this particular commenter and his shady background and bogus "Catholic" education/degrees. Go troll somewhere else.

Bro. Ignatius Mary said...

Wow. such Christian charity

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