18 July 2012


Look at that little guy on the bottom left. Hilarious! They're all so cute.

You see, they make you smile, they make you happy.

Babies are so disarming and their charms are irresistible.

Life is good, it is very good, the way the good God intended it.

But there is a war going on against these innocents, waged by nihilistic, anti-natalist pro-abortionist forces from without. From within, there is but measured, innocuous, platitudinous language spoken by various quarters inside the Catholic establishment, and that only infrequently. More often than not, an ominous silence on life issues is the order of the day.

St. Michael the Archangel, protect and keep these little ones.

In this context, then, consider supporting LifeSite News and The Interim. Hoping they won't mind an endorsement by the likes of this not so amicable blogger, LSN and TI really are at the forefront in the defence of life, from womb to tomb.

P.S. Just because something uplifting was posted in this space, please don't think that regularly scheduled programming has changed. Another diatribe will be uploaded soon, concerning the ending of life, unfortunately.



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Merci for the good reminder, TH2.  Donation made.

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