11 February 2011


I. It seems EWTN always has had a tough time making inroads up here in the Great White North. In the 1980s and most of the 1990s, this highly successful Catholic broadcaster, started by that most wonderful and longsuffering nun Mother Angelica, was only available outside the United States on shortwave radio via its station WEWN Global Catholic Radio, broadcasting from Birmingham, Alabama. Listening required the purchase of a specialty radio able to tune in to frequencies outside commercial AM/FM bands as the broadcast ranges of the latter are restricted to just hundreds of miles. Yet in 1997 when EWTN first applied for a television broadcast license its application was rejected by the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission). At the time, the communication regulator's policy disallowed non–Canadian single–faith licensing. The prominent Canadian religious broadcaster during the 1990s was the "multi–faith" channel Vision TV, whose programming can be characterized as a kind of New Age syncretism. Road blocks against EWTN were even being erected from within the Catholic Church. Sr. Stephanie Vinec, CSJ, former president of the Association of Roman Catholic Communicators, evoked this disqualifier:
It's not just a matter of not wishing to work as a team with Canadian producers. It's a question of basic theology. Canadian Catholic producers have worked in the tradition set by our bishops after Vatican II... The Holy Father himself has urged the coming Church of the laity to prepare for the millennium in the light of Vatican II teaching. The renewal for the church for the new age depends on it... We have no assurance that EWTN would carry on the teaching of Vatican II in its fullness.[1]
With phraseology like the "coming Church of the laity", "new age" and "Vatican II in its fullness" it is a rather pedestrian task to identify the agenda Sr. Vinec was attempting to uphold. Nonetheless, a broadcast license was eventually approved, very likely to the dismay of Sr. Vinec and her fellow "professional Catholics", as B16 might phrase it. EWTN has been available in Canada for over a decade now, via three of our major television providers, namely Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications, including a suite of smaller outfits. Reportedly, EWTN was experiencing "explosive growth" in 2006.[2] I assumed this ascending trend continued to the present day...

II. That is until coming across an item on my Twitter news feed last week. A CNS tweet was reporting that Bell Canada will drop EWTN from its programming schedule this February 27.[3] It appears that LifeSite News was the first to report on the story, on January 27.[4] The Catholic Register had an article four days later on February 1.[5] Quoting from the LSN report:
A representative of Bell told LSN that the removal was done because it "will free up bandwidth for new and more popular channels". The representative said that there would be a "repackaging" with other channels "similar to EWTN", but did not have information about what the "similar" channels would be. EWTN told LSN they had asked Bell TV to reconsider, but were told the decision to drop them was final.
The Register article, referring to EWTN (with evident aversion) as a "conservative, American Catholic TV service", provides these e–mailed remarks by Bell spokeswoman Marie–Eve Francoeur:
EWTN had a low viewership and Salt + Light (Canada’s national Catholic television channel) is a strong alternative. This channel capacity is needed for new and high–demand channels... Bell must continually make programming choices and adjustments to match consumer demand with the channel capacity we have available. Channels with very low viewership or subscriber totals, such as EWTN, are removed to free up capacity for more popular programming.
Another e–mail was received by Bell TV subscriber and blogger Vox Cantoris after making an enquiry to Bell. Here is an abstraction from the message by a "Clients Customer Relations Associate":
Please note that Salt & Light, a popular Catholic television network, remains available on Bell Satellite TV. Bell must continually make programming choices and adjustments to match consumer demand with the channel capacity we have available. Channels with very low viewership or subscriber totals, such as EWTN, are removed to free up capacity for more popular programming.[6]
Brady Grant, EWTN marketing manager for Canada, mentioned this to Bell:"You will be the only major carrier or provider in North America that doesn’t carry us".[7] Very telling. So how could this be? Why is Bell Canada's decision "final" in dropping EWTN? Besides the reasons provided, has another factor been overlooked? Is there something else heretofore unseen which hides itself by its very obviousness?

III. Now let's break it down. Three main points are given so as to justify removing EWTN from the channel line–up: (i) low viewership/subscribers, (ii) freeing up of bandwidth for more channel capacity, thus permitting for more high–demand programming and (iii) an emphasis on Salt+Light TV as a "strong alternative" for a Catholic channel in Canada. Let's examine these...

IV. MediaStats, a consulting firm that collects and distributes data and information on the broadcast and cable industries in Canada, provides some interesting numbers. In its March 2010 compilation of the "Number of TV subscriptions for Digital Specialty Channels", EWTN had 154,471 subscribers (1.3% of total).[8] The list also indicates that 17 channels had even less viewership than EWTN (less than or equal to 0.2%). Most of these were multilingual stations of which at least five channels are offered by Bell.[9] Interestingly, Salt+Light TV had 144,388 (1.2%) subscribers, less than EWTN. It is well to remember that these statistics represent all of Canada's television providers. The big three, namely Bell, Rogers and Shaw, likely have the biggest share in subscribers and it would not be unreasonable to assume (roughly) an equal division (by three) in total numbers. Moreover, Bell provides TV principally via satellite, meaning that access (with a dish) to satellite is direct, uninhibited by location, not bound by (land–based) underground cable jurisdictions or telecommunication tower ownership.[10]

V. Exact subscriber numbers are hard to gauge. According to the Register article, EWTN claims a Canadian viewership of 500,000. However, neither EWTN or Bell Canada are supplying data on the those specifically subscribing to Bell. Going back to January 27, 2006 (coincidentally, 5 years ago to the day of the breaking LSN report about Bell/EWTN), in a ZENIT interview Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of the Salt+Light Catholic Media Foundation, claimed 100,000 viewers for Salt+Light "in a little less than three years", from its 2003 start–up, "and the number of subscribers is growing".[11] Recall, as quoted above in a 2006 LSN report, EWTN was concurrently experiencing "explosive growth". Accordingly, the abovementioned information strongly evidences that viewership for EWTN in Canada either surpasses or is at least equivalent to that of Salt+Light TV. Furthermore, it cannot be denied that Mother Angelica and her team constitute a telecommunications superforce with extremely high demand on a worldwide basis, irrespective if the broadcast format is television, radio, internet or their variations. And all of this is done exclusively with financial support from viewers, unlike Salt+Light TV (we will return to this important aspect in a moment).

VI. Logically, then, this question must be posed: Why is it that, due to "very low viewership", Bell Canada is only dropping EWTN from its programming when the data evidence that Salt+Light TV has an equivalent or even lower viewership, thus warranting its elimination as well? Perhaps there is a special need for a Canadian Catholic television station. In that same ZENIT interview Fr. Rosica addressed this very subject, that is, the uniqueness/specificity of Salt+Light TV relative to EWTN: "We view our efforts at Salt and Light as complementary to those of EWTN, but we are also responding to specific needs and complexities of the Canadian Church".[12] A rather innocuous statement. Fair enough. This blogger also recalls seeing Fr. Rosica in a cordial TV conversation with Doug Keck, EWTN Executive Producer, circa 2006. It intimated a friendly relationship between the two Catholic broadcasters.

VII. But a few years later, in 2009, the dam broke. In a blog post on the controversy surrounding the public funeral of abortion enabler Senator Ted Kennedy (a dissident Catholic), Fr. Rosica accused "well–known colleagues in Catholic television broadcasting and media in North America... to be not agents of life, but of division, destruction, hatred, vitriol, judgment and violence".[13] Reference here was being made to coverage/commentary of the affair by Raymond Arroyo at EWTN. An unexpected and shocking outburst that was, with many unsubstantiated allegations levelled against pro–lifers. Even Archbishop Raymond Burke got in on the action.[14] Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume that a palpable tension exists between Salt+Light TV and EWTN in the present day.

VIII. Now Fr. Rosica's antagonism with EWTN is not entirely unexplainable. Firstly, note that he is member of the Episcopal Commission for Communications for the CCCB. In other words, he is a main spokesman for The Star Chamber which, most of us know, is not comprised of the most faithful of bishops, and that is an understatement. The status quo, apostasy and heresy are rife therein. The Canadian bishops have been in de facto schism from Rome since they issued the Winnipeg Statement in 1968, and I am not the only one to make that observation.[15] In an analogous way that the USCCB attempted to hijack EWTN in the late 1980s[16], the boys at the CCCB weren't exactly ecstatic that Mother Angelica was coming to town, which is echoed in the statement by Sr. Vinec quoted at the outset. Secondly, it must be emphasized that Salt+Light TV is not, shall we say, "orthodox Catholic" in its commentary and current affairs programming. As Fr. Rosica's good friend John Allen, Jr. approvingly said: "Salt and Light under Rosica, have positioned themselves firmly in the Catholic middle"[17]... whatever that means. Simply stated, Salt+Light TV is not, nor is modelled after, Mother Angelica's EWTN. It is underwritten, à la Fr. Rosica, by the CCCB and is financially supported by... well, now we come to the Invisible Man.

IX. John Allen, Jr., "one of the world's leading Vaticanistas"[18] according to Fr. Rosica, wrote that there is "nothing wrong with asking where a group that takes positions on public policy gets its money, and how that funding might influence its judgments".[19] Allen was referring to battle between LSN and Fr. Rosica during the Kennedy fiasco, but I think we can also apply that statement to Salt+Light TV. Note that heavy hitters are on the S+L Board of Directors. They include: Venterra Realty Management, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Incorporated, Clearwater Capital Management Incorporated, Diamante Development Corporation, Carpe Diem Growth Capital, CPI Card Group and UCS Forest Group.[20] Quite an ensemble of the business glitterati: presidents and CEOs of a real estate company, a grocery store chain, a condominium development corporation, capital management firms, a high tech plastic card manufacturer and a consortium of lumber importers/exporters.

X. But the big boy on the block, in terms of financial support for Salt+Light TV, is St. Joseph Communications, whose CEO, quite the superstar in the Canadian business community, is also Chair of the S+L Board of Directors. SJC is Canada's largest privately owned marketing, printing and communications company. Recalling Allen's remark about "how... funding might influence... judgments", it is revealing that SJC founder Gaetano Gagliano can regularly be seen in conversation with Fr. Rosica on Salt+Light TV from 6:30–7:00 pm or 5:30–6:00 am Monday to Friday (see schedule here). This program, entitled In Conversazione con Gaetano Gagliano, has been rebroadcast for years and I still haven't figured out its purpose, except as a venue for Rosica and Gagliano to extol their virtues.

XI. "But what does all of this have to do with Bell Canada dropping EWTN from its programming line–up?", the reader may be enquiring. The answer is very simple. Leaving aside the Salt+Light/EWTN enmity, know that Bell Canada is a client of St. Joseph Communications. The screen shots below outline recent work conducted by SJC for Bell:
XII. Once again this question is put forward: Why is it that, due to "very low viewership", Bell Canada is only dropping EWTN from its programming when the data evidence that Salt+Light TV has an equivalent or even lower viewership, thus warranting its elimination as well? Is Salt+Light TV exempt from this (proposed as a "strong alternative") because of Bell Canada's business relationship with St. Joseph Communications, whose CEO is also the Chair of Board of Directors of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation? Is there a conflict of interest here? Is there an investigative journalist out there looking for a story? Check it out... See what's going on.


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Al said...

When I 1st read about Bell Canada dropping EWTN I fifgured if anyone would have an idea why, it would be you. I see I am right.
I would say (tongue in cheek of course) that the reason Bell Canada is keeping S+L despite lower ratings is Canadian content. However, given that many of the decent S+L shows are from the USA & run on EWTN & that EWTN does run a couple of the shows S+l has made in cooperation with the KCs that an argument could be made in favor of keeping EWTN for that reason.
Actually, the above was only semi-joking.
I do suspect that the connection between Bell Canada, St. Joseph's Communications & S+L is much more than coincidence.
I wasn't that impressed by Gaetano Gagliano's company. From what i can see he is more of the world than of the Catholic Church.
As for rest of the S+L board, far different from those on the EWTN board. & I didn't have to get any further than the Venterra Realty website. They support Susan Koman who is a big donor to Planned Parenthood. That says it all for me.
I suspect EWTN is eclipsing S+L in viewership. & it is making more than a few members of the CCCB uneasy. I know I've said this before but this whole relationship thing (CCCB, S+L, Bell Canada St Joseph Communications) sounds very incestuous.
It also shows the wisdom of Mother Angelica, while having Bishops on the Board, to be sure it remained independent of the heirarchy.

As for Fr. Rosica, the little I have seen of him doesn't impress me all that much. Maybe I am a little biased based on what I have read here, but it seems he is more concerned about promoing himself & S+L than anything else.
I say that in part based on the programs the KCs did in cooperation with him that EWTN has ran that I have seen. He always seems to appear at the end & turn the focus on himself. Same with the plug in the recent KC magazine article.

Patrick Button said...

Definitely doesn't smell right. Like Al, I find it much easier to believe in the corporate conspiracy theory than the Canadian media nationalism one.

Still, maybe Bell got fed up with all of those Canadian jokes (Canada: America's hat) and decided to cut the foreign Catholic channel.

TH2, do you still get EWTN? It would be a shame if you were deprived of such a potent heresy hunting tool.

TH2 said...

Al: the Venterra Realty website. They support Susan Koman who is a big donor to Planned Parenthood I missed that. Thanks for catching it. St. Joseph Comms. also prints not so very Catholic friendly magazines, like the Quill & Quire, etc.

Patrick: In Canada EWTN is still available on other TV providers via cable (Rogers, Shaw) and other outfits, some of whom use cell phone towers. Of course, it is on internet, and they even have .mobi for smart phones.

Anita Moore said...

Interesting quote from Sr. Stephanie at the top. Just proving once again that the "spirit of Vatican II" crowd thought Vatican II abolished the Catholic Church and created a whole new church in their image. A first-rate illustration both of the hermeneutic of rupture and of the people who want to put the kibosh on those who oppose it.

Al said...

TH2: Never heard of Quill & Quire (natch) so i decided to google it. The 1st article says it all about what sort of PC world they live in: "On gender parity in literary publishing".

Anita: Re Sr Stephanie (habitless hussie I assume) Quote "We have no assurance that EWTN would carry on the teaching of Vatican II in its fullness". Good analysis of it. For those of us* who have been arround EWTN from the start/early days know that Mother Angelica began EWTN in answer to the false "spirit of Vatican II" garbage out there & to properly impliment what Vatican II taught. Some years ago Fr. Trigilio did a series on EWTN "Council of Faith: The Documents of Vatican II" that dealt with what vatican II actually said. What i find esp galling in her quote is how someone who usually ignores what the Church says twists the quote about laity & the media to justify promoting their heresies of the "new church' as you put it.
*Full disclosure I was a bodyguard for Mother Angelica when she came to DBQ about 1984. I visited EWTN in 1989 & got to see things 1st hand as well as join in on the celebration of Sr. Gabrielle taking her vows. & I do mean celebration.

Unknown said...

Interestingly enough, when I sent out a small multiple mailing about Bell dropping EWTN. Some of their subscribers cried foul and plan to drop Bell, including cell phone, and home phone contracts. Also of interest is that Bell Aliant assured me from their communications department is that they have no plan to drop EWTN.

herm w.

TH2 said...

Al: Bodyguard for Mother Angelica! That must have been a great gig. Have you ever posted on it? If so, please provide link.

Herm: Bell Aliant TV is provided via ground wiring, not via satellite, if I am correct. Bandwidth availability issues that Bell Canada claims related to SatCom logistics.

Al said...

TH2, No I never did. It wasn't anything big. All I had to do was hang arround backstage & make sure no one tried to disrupt things.

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