06 June 2010


3rd Canadian Infantry Division... Thank you.



Old Bob said...

Thank you, TH2!! Thanks to all who went ashore that "longest day", and very special thanks to those who gave their lives. May they rest in peace, and may grateful nations always remember their sacrifice.

Anita Moore said...

You know one of the most amazing things about D-Day, to my way of thinking? It was all done without electronic computers. Today, we can barely rotate a quarter turn in our chairs without a computer; but back then, a computer was a human being working out mathematical problems using a pencil and paper and slide rule. To pull off D-Day, they had to outfit the soldiers with the best possible weapons, figure out how to get thousands of them and thousands of tons of their equipment and supplies across the channel, build artificial harbors, whip the ass of the Germans defending the beaches, and swarm inland, all while taking into account the weather, the tides and the phases of the moon -- and all without the help of Apple or Microsoft. Mind-boggling.

TH2 said...

Bob: Thanks for the comment. Yes, we must thank all of the soldiers - also at Sword, Omaha, Utah and Gold Beaches, including those at Pointe du Hoc.

Anita: Agreed, it is mind boggling. That is why all the information you just provided (and more) must be instilled into the youth of today, with their iPods, texting, cell phones etc. They (indeed, all of us) must continually be reminded and taught about the heroism, dedication, bravery and innovativeness of those soldiers.

Al said...

Nary a word about this down here. D-Day that is.

Anita has a great point about how it was pulled off.

I also hate to say it, but given the leadership we have in the USA today D-Day probably never would occur.

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