17 February 2010


I understood not readily and clearly what was the origin of evil.
– St. Augustine, Confessions, bk. VII, ch. 3



Mary said...

Contrast their maniacal, clownish "smiles" with the joy-filled and hopeful faces of picketers at a pro-life demonstration.

TH2 said...

Indeed, Mary how true. Later tonight, I will post an image of joyfulness/smiles to counter the evil manifested in the image of this post.

Old Bob said...

These women who reject their womanhood need lots of prayers; yet, if I told one like that I was praying for her, she would likely spew curses at me. Very sad.

TH2 said...

Bob, I can count a number of times when I offered prayers for someone, and - in response - gotten profanity, laughter, outright contempt, looks of condescending amusement, and so forth. It's part of the package. Confidence in Cross, however, makes all these as nothing. I will think of the Roman soldiers mocking Our Lord with His crown of thorns, the scarlet cloak they placed around Him, the reed as a fake scepter. One participates in Christ's suffering in these instances.

It is very interesting - is it not? - that such responses arise when one offers prayers for other (i.e. intending good for them) that such hatred is the response. There is a great mystery happening here. But I'll bet you 9 times out of 10 that, when that person who expressed such contempt (in response to your prayer offering) will - when they go home, when they are alone, when it is quiet, and as he/she puts their head on the pillow and tries to sleep - your prayer offering for them will echo in their skulls and gnaw away at them. This is how the good God works.

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