23 January 2010


Pope John Paul II (April 2005)
versus Ayatollah Khomeini (June 1989)






What other proof is needed ?
T minus 1 generation.
Goodbye Europe



Gabriella said...

No need to comment - the photos say it all! :)

TH2 said...

Good point, Gabriella. Thank you for dropping by the blog.

Anita Moore said...

Ah yes...I had almost forgotten how they had dragged Khomeini's corpse out of his coffin. I don't know what they thought they were going to do with it, but it's probably better not to know.

William-a Sinner said...

Brother, I linked to this on my blog...Awesome Visuals!!!

TH2 said...

Anita: Reportedly, people wanted pieces of his clothing/shroud, etc.

WS: Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

Al said...

Graet comparison of the 2 religions, the so-called religion of peace (Islam) & the real religion founded by the Prince of Peace.

Lady Janus said...

So different cultures have different methods of honoring their dead, so what?

If it's not your culture, why are you bothering to complain?

TH2 said...

LJ: Thank you for your comment and criticism. TH2 welcomes contravening views etc... nothing taken personally here, even insults (if you so wish).

Not complaining. Just emphasizing, making what is obvious even more obvious, so to speak. The chaos, noise, fanaticism, etc. associated with Khomeini funeral is a reflection of the Islamic worldview.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Do you not know the difference between complaining and contrasting? Obviously not.

If this is not your blog, why are you bothering to complain?


moslems... jackals would do better.

TH2 said...

Caves: What I find interesting is that the word "Christians" (after Christ) is OK but the word "Mohammedans", which I use as a label for this post (after Mohammed, and used until about the 1950s - is considered politically incorrect.

Tracy said...

Hi I just found this blog while surfing the net. I'm a cradle catholic born and live in an islamic country malaysia. No we're not persecuted physically, but spiritually, yes. I have more muslim friends than Catholic or Christian friends. Most of them are polite and God-fearing people but when it comes to their religion, they can get pretty annoying. You can't argue with them because they think theirs is the only truth and they won't listen to reasons! But they feel it's their right to criticise our faith, downgrade our people, burn our churches, discriminate us, threaten us with death, the list goes on and on... And all we could do is SUBMIT. But we're doing better than that. We pray. So please pray for us Catholics living in Muslim countries all over the world. What is happening to us is nothing compared to what is happening to our brothers and sisters in other countries.

Tracy said...

... and sorry for saying non-muslim countries.. I'm just used to that term...:)

TH2 said...

No need to apologize, Tracy. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I know exactly what you mean when you write: "But they feel it's their right to criticise our faith".

You have my promise to pray for Catholics in Muslim counties.

God bless...TH2/

Anonymous said...

I will not defend Islamist politics or the cult of Khomeini. But I don't think a televised Vatican funeral really represents Catholic culture at all. A festival to a local patron saint or miraculous icon can be quite raucous, strange and even disturbing to polite, educated, middle class people. Somber sobriety is for the Protestant lands, isn't it?

TH2 said...


Yes, occasionally festivals of local saints do get out of hand (exceptions). For example, St. Jean Baptiste Day, in the province of Quebec, is pretty well a drunken frenzy - in a formerly Catholic province. Anti-clericalism in Quebec is now a provincial sport.

However,you are making the common error of confusing being with behaviour. And I would not extrapolate the anomalous to representative of the whole.

As for Protestant "sobriety"... don't buy it. Orangemen parades, etc. prove my point.

Thank you for the criticism.

Southern Quebec said...

"Anti-clericalism in Quebec is now a provincial sport."

Gee...I wonder why?

TH2 said...

Southern Quebec: Nice drive-by shot. Are you, perhaps, a regular participant in the drunken frenzy?

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