31 December 2009


Words of wisdom from Mary Daly, reigning barbarian princess of radical theological feminism:

If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth.
I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.

Watch out men, or else she will eviscerate you with her giant axe.

Read about this poor creature here and here.

UPDATE: TH2 has just learned that Daly died yesterday (January 3, 2010), some 3 days after this original posting. LINK
Prayers for her soul are in order.

SIDEBAR: This updated information was provided by organist/angelic vocalist extraordinarius Mary at St. Paul Athens Saturday Schola
. TH2 strongly advises readers to visit this excellent blog.



Anita Moore said...

Well, I learned one thing from that interview you linked to (as far as I could stomach it): progress = descent into unintelligibility. Back in the Dark Ages, before we got Mary Daly, we used to call it "dementia."

Al said...

Thanks a lot for making me squirm as I crossed my legs. She is a very scary person.

I was NOT surprized to see she taught at Boston College.

Sanctus Belle said...

Ok, I see now I assumed she was a "sister" and am oddly suprised to find after following your links that she is not a sister.

Thank you Lord for that, and I pray for the purification of Your Holy Catholic Church of all those who seek her destruction. Amen+

Mary said...

She entered the next life yesterday. Requiescat in pace.


Anita Moore said...

Good Lord. God have mercy on her.

TH2 said...

Thanks Mary. Will update post and h/t your blog. Happy new Year, by the way.

TH2 said...

Anita. God's mercy, indeed. This is pure speculation, but TH2's estimate for such a radical philosophy, which seemingly commenced sometime in the late-1960s (or thereabouts), might relate to deep psychological trauma (not suggested in a demeaning manner). Maybe not... again pure speculation. Her depraved view of things was so depraved that in some ways it can be scored off as just ridiculous.

Mary said...

Thanks for the link, TH2. And a Happy New Year to you as well.

Al said...

I just read that she passed away. According to the Non-Catholic Reporter she was so radical she wouldn't let men into her Women's studies class resulting in her being to radical (if possible) for Boston College.

I agree with praying for God's mercy on her soul. But I can't help imagining the look on her face when she finally stood before God & had to explain things.

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