25 December 2009


This day a Holy Child is in Bethlehem.
This day the Lord of History is born to a Holy Virgin.
This day the Redeemer of Humanity is wrapped in swaddling clothes.
This day the King of Kings rests in a manger.
This day the universe is silent.
For it must remain silent.

Holy Child, you permitted St. Anthony to hold you in his arms.
How I envy St. Anthony.
Why not I ?
That is not fair, Lord.
You belong to me. You are my property.
Forgive me, Lord, my selfishness.

Most Holy Child Jesus, have mercy upon us.
Most Blessed Virgin Mary, look with tenderness upon us.
Humble St. Joseph, protect us from evil.

Holy Family, wonderful Holy Family...
How can one not love the Holy Family ?

Amen. Amen.



Anita Moore said...

Merry Christmas, TH2! And to Mr. Scampers as well!

Mary said...

Oh TH2, this is SO beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. Blessed and joyous Christmas to you.

Al said...

Buon Natale!!!! I have 1 question. is it true that santa put Mr. Scampers in charge of coming up with his naughty list?

LarryD said...

Merry Christmas season, TH2. And a Happy New Year as well!

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