05 November 2009


Here is a report issued on November 4, 2009 by Spero News:
[TH2 analysis in bolded square brackets]
Elder Catholic Clerics Arrested At Seattle Protest

Two Jesuit priests and three nuns, aged 6081, were arrested on an American navy base on November 2, as they took part in an anti-nuclear protest. [let's see... sounds right, T40 years equals 20 and 41, respectively... pretty well within the hippybabybooming range]

Fr. Bill ["Birkenstock"] Bischel, SJ, 81, from Tacoma, Washington; Sr. Susan ["Solaris"] Crane, 65, of Baltimore, Maryland; Sr. Lynne ["Enneagram"] Greenwald, 60, of Bremerton Washington; Fr. Steve ["Kumbaya"] Kelly, SJ, 60, of Oakland, California, and Sr. Anne ["Morning Star"] Montgomery RSCJ, 83, of New York, were arrested at Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base near Seattle [on the west coast? what a shocker!]. They allegedly entered the Base illegally in the early hours of All Souls Day [shouldn't they have been napping?], the day on which Catholics pray for the souls of the departed [excepting these geniuses], with the intention calling attention to the existence of the Trident weapons system. [Ya, dudes, stuff like, um, protesting against abortion is soooooo not groovy for us religious these days.]

After climbing through the perimeter fence [aided by an electronic lift chair from "The Scooter Store"], they made their way to the Strategic Weapons Facility–Pacific (SWFPAC) where they were able to cut through the first chainlink fence [with a modified version of "The Clapper"] surrounding SWFPAC, walked to and cut the next double layered fence [after taking a break to smoke a joint], which was both chain link and barbed wire [ouch! don't get your "Depends" caught], onto the grounds of SWFPAC. They then walked onto the grounds [after snacking on some munchies], holding a banner declaring, 'Disarm Now Plowshares: Trident: Illegal + Immoral'. [read: This is the daaawwwnnning of the Age of Aquarius...] Then they hammered on the fences [with their canes] around SWFPAC and scattered sunflower seeds throughout the base. [so as to rid the base of the spirit of the Military-Industrial Complex]

The group were arrested by military police [hooray!], handcuffed [excellent!], hooded [wuuunderful!] and allegedly held face down on the wet ground for four hours [...at last, one with the Earth]. They were then taken for questioning by Base security, FBI and NCIS [cool guys]. They refused to give any information [to "the Man"] except their names [written in the Book of Life?], and were cited for trespass and destruction of government property, given [some Geritol], a ban and bar letter and released [back into the wild.]

In a joint statement, the group stated: "The manufacture and deployment of Trident II missiles, weapons of mass destruction [Mass destruction alright], is immoral and criminal under International Law and, therefore, under United States law. As US citizens [not foremostly as specially consecrated ones by God] we are responsible under the Nuremberg Principles for this threat of first-strike terrorism hanging over the community of nations, rich and poor. Moreover, [there's more?] such planning, preparation, and deployment is a blasphemy against the Creator of life [i.e. Gaia], imaged in each human being."
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Simply pathetic.

All lampooning aside, pray for these poor souls.

[Read Fr. Richtsteig's excellent commentary thereof... LINK]



Al said...

The Spirit of Sr. Dorothy Hennesy OSF lives. Unfortunately

FYI she was a Franciscan here in DBQ who was my 1st encounter back in 1976 with "I am personally opposed to abortion but won't imposs my morality on others" while fighting to impose her morality when it came to war.

Mary said...

The Sister on the left who wants us to disarm is also wearing a shirt with Arabic script on it. Interesting.

Anita Moore said...

Can I just turn aside from the serious stuff long enough to comment that this is one of the corniest music videos I have ever seen????? For the record, if I found myself in empty space on an eight-foot by six-foot by two-foot spaceship hurtling into the sun, I would neither sing nor dance.

And by the way, hippie nimrods, love already DOES steer the stars.

Here my powers rest from their high fantasy,
but already I could feel my being turned -
instinct and intellect balanced equally

as in a wheel whose motion nothing jars -
by the Love that moves the sun and other stars.

Dante, last lines of the Divine Comedy

TH2 said...

Please do "turn aside from the serious stuff", Anita. I can sense the vehemence in your words and, at this late hour, I am LOL with your italicized/bolded "corniest" comment.

But is it cornier than this?: http://heresy-hunter.blogspot.com/2009/04/mss-no-3.html

With your quote from Dante, I can see that your mind soars to the true heavenly heights after piercing through those phony psychedelic skies.

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