19 May 2009

MSS / No. 7

Even though there are variations, do you nevertheless still notice that atheists always have "that look"? I do.
It must be excruciatingly depressing to be an atheist. Why? Because everyday is like a countdown to nothingness. Visual evidence for the aforementioned provided below.

George Bernard Shaw: The "homely Fabianist emaciated vegetarian G.K. Chesterton destroyed me" look.

Bertrand Russell: The "Principia Mathematica is a load of freely associative symbolic crap" look.

John Lennon: The "drugged-out circus clown just emergent from the immoral morass of a hippy convention" look.

Frank Zappa: The "megamaniacal polymorphic eroticist destroyed my children's lives by giving them bizarre names" look.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair: The "won court case to remove prayer from schools and then got murdered by a fellow nihilist" look.

Carl Sagan: The "secretly misanthropic and needful escape to galaxial expanses because I can't face reality with hair like this" look.

Kurt Vonnegut: The "another 'misunderstood artist' nobody except obscure leftist academics read my depressing books" look.

George Carlin: The "won international acclaim for popularizing a poetic sequence of profanities and that's about it" look.

Penn Jillette: The "feigned happiness antinomian backslapping I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this libertarian bullshit" look.

Dave Kong: The "I am so empty inside and crave attention so much that I got this ridiculous California coif" look.

James Randi: The "unamazing wasting my life in litigation against obvious charlatans incorrectly assuming that it proves skepticism" look.

Woody Allen: The "celebrity tools think that I am a genius but I am really a neurotic pedophile pervert" look.

Richard Dawkins: The "not an innovator in science so I will popularize Darwinism and make it into a religion" look.

Christopher Hitchens: The "I hate myself booze and cigarettes Fr. George Rutler made a buffoon of me" look.

Disclaimer: The Heresy Hunter (TH2) does not necessarily endorse, approve or assent to the ideations, articulations, ruminations, expurgations, cogitations, castigations or depictions as disseminated by Mr. Scampers. Any perceived similarities between views expressed in TH2 postings and the expostulations of Mr. Scampers are purely coincidental.



Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Classic!!! I'm sooooooo stealing this!!

The Heresy Hunter said...

No probs Cavey. More to come...

Elizabeth said...

Too funny. I love Woody Allen's "look"!

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