05 January 2012


Let's see... over the last year or so a certain Michael Voris of RCTV, with his growing prominence, has been selectively chosen for assault and criticism by our darling Professional Catholics and/or their affiliating organizations.

A small selection for your perusal:

> Mark "the Diva" Shea via his bi-weekly conniption columns.
> World Youth Day organizers via the USCCB.
> Salt + Light Television (Canada), mouthpiece of the CCCB.
> Archdiocese of Detroit.
> ...and now celebrity canonist Ed Peters.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here?

Who's next?

Spin the wheel. Where she goes nobody knows... well, not really.

The next person on deck, be assured, will in one way or another be associated with some structure of the Church.

...and enemies of the Catholic Church on the outside are having a ball as they watch all this go down

UPDATE: Video posted by RCTV on January 9, 2012...

See also articles at Rorate Caeli and LifeSite News.

Added article: Superb analysis at The Fifth Column.

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Paul Turner said...

"The Diva"?  Love it!

Patrick Button said...

I don't think that Peters is hostile to Voris.  It seems to me that he is just offering his opinion on an issue of canon law.

Adrienne said...

What Paul said...

Mark Shea is one of the most vile and arrogant of "professional" Catholics.  I really don't like any of the Patheos bloggers and was very sorry to see The Crescat join the merry band.

Marco Mastromonaco said...

Careful Hunter,..our respective archdioceses might start targeting us! ;) I mean we live in Canada,..progressiveness dominates,..not in a good way!

vox borealis said...

I agree. In fact, unlike Shea (who rants about Voris as "bully," who is often wrong.), Peters actually commented that Voris' stuff is pretty solid. He is merely weighing in on the canonical perspective of the affair.

Christopher Wright said...

You have the tragedy in a nutshell - we beat the hell out of each other while the enemy fall about laughing. Michael Voris is excellent, but he doesn't "nuance" -  doesn't temper the wind to the shorn lamb, and it's great that he doesn't.

The shorn lambs don't like it.

TH2 said...

Paul: An ascription apropos methinks.

Patrick/Vox Borealis: The keyword here is selectivity - a singling out, and also lack of consideration of the injustice of the other side, i.e. Detroit archdiocese and its evident apostasy. There is a good  counterargument at Rorate Caeli here > http://t.co/jg1txYra It was written by "New Catholic", who also makes interesting remarks in the combox:

But have you all noticed how the "Council" exists only when it suits its defenders? The little lay faithful, the "webmasters" or "combox jockeys", or whatever disparaging name Peters may wish to use, have every right, in justice, in law, and certainly according to the letter of the Council, to ask questions about, and disagree with wrongheaded and unjust decisions of the hierarchy and their canonists. The little people have no need of Canonists pointing out to them what is obvious, i.e., that they have no deciding power in such a matter, but they can speak up about what they see as unjust, whatever might be the decision in such a case, a problem that did not even need to exist. Peters'
main point in using this condescending language is clear, a thinly-disguised argument from authority: you are not competent to decide, so be quiet. No, no, and no: nobody needs to listen, but, unless
the integrity of Catholic doctrine is menaced by doing so (which is certainly not the case), there is no reason for the lay faithful, wherever they are in the world, not to speak up.

Adrienne: You are the third blogger I have recently noticed making such observations about Patheos.

Marco: Let's hope they start targeting us. Likely, they will not. Fear of engagement, facts, common sense, reason, etc.

Lefty: Even though the enemies are laughing, in another way it is a good thing that the Professional Catholics are getting all uppity about RCTV. A chord is being struck, in a good sense, and they do not like that in the least.

Fluffy Kerpuffle said...

Next, the heretics may come and demand that you stop using "Heresy" in your name.

If it all comes to blows, simply changing "Catholic" to "catholic" would legally/canonically solve the problem, methinks.

Christine Niles said...

Dr. Peters is on the Archdiocese of Detroit's payroll. His office is in the basement of the Archdiocesan seminary. You think his commentary on Voris is going to be 100% unbiased?

TH2 said...

It would explain much if that is the case (i.e. on payroll).

TH2 said...

No copyright on the words "Catholic" and "Heresy". Though your idea of changing from high to low case "c" is an intriguing idea. It appears, Fluffy, that you have the nuanced talents of a canonist.

Laramie Stewart said...

Pretty much a non-issue, though. Apart from the fact that professional, liberal Catholics don't like Catholics, what is actually going on here?

TH2 said...

Good point.

AllenT said...

Re Dr. Peters: Since 2005 he has held the Edmund Cdl. Szoka Chair at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit MI. So yes, he does work for the Detroit Archdiocese.  
There is something else to also take into account, in 2010 he was named a Referendary of Apostolic Signatura by Pope Benedict XVI.  I would assume that he got the appointment because of his reputation for being fair & balanced in his application of canon law. (Cardinal Burke may have played a role as well for all I know.)
From what I have seen over the years, Dr. Peters is more concerned with an accurate application of canon law than giving in to biases, or pressure.
& from what I read that he wrote about Voris, that opinion stands. My problem isn;t with Peters, it is with the Detroit Archdiocese. They may have a right to call Voris to stop using Catholic, but why don't they go after groups on the left like Call to Action or New Ways Ministry. Oh yeah, retired Auxilliary Bishop Gumbleton is buddy buddy with them. & the reason he retired was only because Rome made him.

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