31 December 2011


On the eve of the new year, figured that some comments from St. Francis de Sales would be worthwhile to ruminate upon:
The declared enemies of God and His Church, heretics and schismatics, must be criticized as much as possible, as long as truth is not denied. It is a work of charity to shout: "Here is the wolf!" when it enters the flock or anywhere else.
Cogitation upon the words of Blaise Pascal would be a supplemental mental exercise (nabbed from Acts of the Apostasy):
...I beseech you to consider that, just in proportion as Christian truths are worthy of love and respect, the contrary errors must deserve hatred and contempt... two things also about errors - an impiety, that makes them horrible, and an impertinence that renders them ridiculous. For these reasons, while the saints have ever cherished towards the truth the twofold sentiment of love and fear... they have, at the same time, entertained towards error the twofold feeling of hatred and contempt, and their zeal has been at once employed to repel, by force of reasoning, the malice of the wicked, and to chastise, by the aid of ridicule, their extravagance and folly.
This is good stuff. Still, these approaches are somewhat lenient in my opinion. I long for the olden days... the really olden days. Accordingly, my approach to the treatment of heretics would be more consistent with what these gentlemen advocate...

Happy New Year you heretics. Let us hope that, for you peeps, 2012 will be an Annus horribilis.

Sleep well.



AllenT said...

"Burn, baby, burn" or being forced to wear those polyester outfits, or both.
I vote for both.

Fluffy Kerpuffle said...

Al, I think he means that they should be forced to listen to disco.  Now you've gone TOO far, TH2!

TH2 said...

Allen: Flames was the reference. Though, I understand that polyester is a highly flammable material.

Fluffy: You like disco, eh? Just imagine a disco version of Battlescar.

Anita Moore said...

For a second there, I too thought the punishment would be to be strapped into a chair and forced to listen to disco and look at those awful suits.  Some people might prefer burning as an alternative!

TH2 said...

I wear Hugo Boss, but those orange suits are quite snazzy. Thinking of getting one tailored-made. At parties - a great way to attract attention and make new friends.

AllenT said...

"polyester is a highly flammable material." which is why I voted for both. That sounds like something Dante would put in his writings were he alive today.

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