10 November 2010


NTSB Marine Accident Report here. SS Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking in Lake Superior, November 10, 1975, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington D.C., Report No. NTSB-MAR-78-3, May 4, 1978, 41 pp.

Reconstruction of atmospheric conditions here. T.R. Hultquist, M.R. Dutter and D.J. Schwab, "Reexamination of the 9–10 November 1975 'Edmund Fitzgerald' Storm Using Today's Technology", Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2006, vol. 87, pp. 607–622.



Old Bob said...

The video is a gut-punch reminder of all that's comtained in "Lost with all hands."

I remember in grade school geography, about 1955, that the shape of Lake Superior was compared to a wolf's head.

Owen said...

Here's hoping Gordy never has to write a song like this about the Church eh.
But seriously, that was a very strong video. Thanks for posting it.

Sanctus Belle said...

Beautiful tribute video. As I watched this, I was struck by how infintessimally small are my problems.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
May perpetual light shine upon them
May they rest in peace. Amen+

Al said...

I honestly think that without this song, the Edmund Fitzgerald would have been forgotten a long time ago.

Patrick Button said...

Sanctus Belle: Amen

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