11 September 2010


Nine years ago today.

Never forget the abomination committed on that day.

Please God, keep and protect the American people.



Mary said...

Thank you, TH2.

Al said...

Sadly, way too many, from Obama down have forgotten.

Anita Moore said...

Thank you. I have to say, to me, the images of the people falling to their deaths are most chilling and horrifying ones. What a feeling of utter helplessness. What was going through that man's mind in those last seconds? Was he fully conscious? How can we look at this and not get what it is we're up against?

Lola said...

I flew to Canada the October following this event. Not nervous one whit and with a baby to boot.

I had heard on the news how welcoming and caring Canada was to shelter American flights that were grounded.
Especially at Gander Airport.

And as typical Canadian, not bragging about all that work and care for a suffering neighbor.

Canadian's have big hearts.

I can still hardly watch even today those images of the people falling, and of Fr. Mychal Judge being carried.

But, for me the brief view shown that morning of staff running from the White house has been burned into my memory. That scared the heck out of me.

Patrick Button said...

Thanks TH2

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