06 August 2010


Well, its Friday night and I have a big report due Monday, of which I am just starting. This means a late night tonight (and for most of the day tomorrow) of analyzing facts, data and documentation... and then the dreaded write-up. At the beginning of this process my mind is incessantly inundated with the totality of tasks needing to be addressed. My hemispheres, left and right, are continuously bombarded with all manner of ideas and sentiments. Yes, everything eventually coalesces into the final product. But in the meantime its cerebral pandemonium. Words are probably not the best way to relay this circumstance. So for your audio displeasure listen (at your risk) to the following musical representation of what is presently going on in my mind.

You are forewarned.

The song is called Offramp from the album of the same title (released 1982) by the Pat Metheny Group. It is evidently influenced by the "free jazz" of Ornette Coleman. That weird sound you hear is a guitar synthesizer. Note that Methney has more listenable stuff as well. Albums: Bright Size Life (1976), Watercolors (1977), Pat Metheny Group (1978), New Chautauqua (1979), American Garage (1980), As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (1981). Not that impressed with the post-1982 material. Too elevatoree for me.



Mary said...

I will offer prayers for clarity and rapid writing at Holy Mass tonight, Dear Sir.

TH2 said...

Thank you. The good Lord appears to have heard your prayers. Finishing off now. Pretty much completed - just have to do conclusions and touch up some graphs, which I will leave for early Monday morning.

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