04 July 2010


For my American friends on the 4th of July.

Just know that there a lot of us Canucks up here rooting for you guys, despite the anti-Americanism you may read, hear and see in Canadian journalism, from our intelligentsia and politicians.

Perhaps you have heard this before, but I think it warrants posting, considering what has happened to your country since that nihilist became your president. It originally aired June 5, 1973 by Canadian broadcaster Gordon Sinclair from radio station CFRB in Toronto.

Happy 234th Birthday and God bless. TH2



Al said...

I have said this time after time, we have pulled country after country out of the fire only to have them stab us in the back.

While I admit we could pull back on some of the places we have troops stationed to deploy them better elsewhere, I can't help but wonder how many of these same Europeans that want us to close our bases there would like the resulting effects on their economy if we did?

Sadly, these days some of the worst critics of America are those in power who are attempting to destroy us from within. they are the ones who have forgotten all the good that America has done despite its flaws.

grazie for posting this!

Anita Moore said...

Thank you!

We need friends more than ever, now that our government is in the hands of the enemy.

(And that is not a figure of speech.)

Lola said...

Thank you TH2! I'm always humbled when a Canuck gives a true and kind compliment.

BTW, Happy belated July 1st!

TH2 said...

Cheers Lola.

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