07 May 2010


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29 August 2009---------Appeal to Help Hero Priest – Fr. Alphonse de Valk
12 September 2009-----Useful Idiot: The Oprahesque Ramblings of a Canadian Cleric
2 November 2009-------Ron Rolheiser: Borderline Dweller
13 December 2009------Gunny: The Fossilizing "Social Justice" Bureaucrat
20 December 2009------Brother André on the Way to Sainthood

19 February 2010-------Distant Early Warning
18 March 2010-----------Registering the Subltizers
23 March 2010-----------Dispatch from the Depths
1 April 2010--------------Ron Rolheiser: Ecumenical Egalitarianism
23 April 2010------------The Enemy Within

7 June 2010--------------Novalis Publishers: Disseminating Dissent
20 June 2010------------Registering the Pressure
19 July 2010-------------Canadian Catholic MSM Highlights / No. 1
30 July 2010-------------Letter from a Bureaucrat
16 August 2010---------Honouring Moloch
12 September 2010-----Canadian Catholic MSM Highlights / No. 2
18 September 2010
-----Relativizing Newman: A Brief Analysis
19 September 2010-----Graphical Apostasy?
6 October 2010----------The Winnipeg Statement: Analysis by Msgr. Foy 
16 October 2010---------Shine on you Crazy Diamond
24 October 2010---------Something Quite Wonderful 
19 December 2010------Head Over Heels for Sparkles

21 January 2011---------Why do Weirdos Suddenly Appear Everytime you are Near? 
2 February 2011---------Canadian Catholic MSM Highlights / No. 3
8 February 2011---------Michael Voris on The Michael Coren Show 
11 February 2011-------Who Goes There ? 
22 February 2011-------Introducing Steve 
3 March 2011------------An Evening of Panes and Pâté with Partying Proportionalists
13 March 2011-----------The Vulture is a Very Patient Bird
20 April 2011
-------------S+L, D+P and CCCB Dominating Social Media
26 April 2011
-------------Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the Internet
15 May 2011
-------------Fabio and Situational Awareness
26 May 2011
-------------He said Whaaaaaaat?
6 June 2011
------------- You Canucks, Meet The Fifth Column... 
19 June 2011------------ Gaia, Giggles, Godel and the Girls at IBVM 
17 July 2011------------ Theometrika 1: Star Chamber Word/Phrase Search Statistics 
26 July 2011-------------A Suite of Perplexing Ideational Quagmires Necessitating Some Degree of...
16 August 2011---------Ye ye ye ye ye ye yeah yeah yeah! On "Approved" World Youth Day Events 
26 August 2011---------Theometrika 2: Canadian Catholic MSM Word/Phrase Search Statistics... 
5 September 2011------Balls !
22 September 2011-----Celebrity Religionists, Effete Intellectuals and an Assortment of the... 
14 November 2011------The Only Good Catholic... Is a Dead Catholic 
9 December 2011-------Nu-Church Hipster Conference: Rejoice, Ye Liberal Catholics

12 January 2012--------Gadzooks Winnipeg! You've Just Been Shafted 
3 February 2012---------Welcome to the New World, Christian Friend... Enjoy your Stay
24 February 2012-------Exotica Randomly Selected, with Opinions Proffered Thereafter 
20 April 2012------------Goodness Gracious, Whats Going on Over There? 
13 May 2012-------------Desperatio in Occidentum
26 May 2012------------Some Notes on the Apostolic Visitation of the LCWR Nuns in Relation to Canada 
18 June 2012-----------Sede Who? Whatever is Novalis to do? 
12 July 2012 -----------Here's a Magazine I won't be Subscribing to... 
24 July 2012 -----------Might as well jump
16 September 2012-----Come, join TH2 on a Search and Destroy Mission... Magic Circle
30 September 2012-----Facebook Fun with the Catholic Register's Associate Editor
26 October 2012---------Muffins!
7 November 2012--------Invitation to Admire Thomas Rosicrucian
3 December 2012--------Muffins Galore!

19 January 2013---------Ominous Signs in the Sky over Sainte-Adele
27 February 2013--------Glam and Glitterati at SPU over V2 (Part 1)
22 May 2013---------------Crazy-Eyed V2 Visions (Part 2a)
30 June 2013--------------Crazy-Eyed V2 Visions (Part 2b)
25 September 2013------Crazy-Eyed V2 Visions (Part 2c, Sidebar)
28 November 2013------ Crazy-Eyed V2 Visions (Part 2d)

17 May 2014----------------Homoheresy Inside Can-Church (Parts 1 and 2)
10 July 2014---------------The Dyke van Dick Show

21 February 2015---------Rosica v. Vox
28 April 2015---------------Apostate Michael Coren "Converts" to Anglicanism
2 May 2015-----------------Why so Long for Coren's Apostasy to Go Public?
11 June 2015---------------The Rightness, Validity and Betterment of Aspostasizing Accordin to...
20 August 2015------------Sodomitical Depravity at St. Peter's Seminary


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